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Simone Hufana and Color HerStory are making history

Simone Hufana and Color HerStory are making history
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Simone HufanaShame among people of color in the United States is caused by a number of causes, including cultural norms, societal expectations, and media portrayal.

A long history of Eurocentric beauty standards in the United States has produced a desire for attributes such as lighter complexion, straight hair, and smaller facial features, while marginalizing persons who do not suit these norms.

Individuals of color who violate these norms may experience humiliation, low self-esteem, and profound mental health consequences, which are further exacerbated by discrimination and racial prejudice.

However, a new movement is challenging and weakening traditional beauty ideals while simultaneously celebrating variety.

Color HerStory

Simone Hufana is only one of millions of American women who have encountered such challenges in their lives.

Rather than being disheartened by the criticism, Hufana used it to kickstart her entrepreneurial career, culminating in the establishment of Color HerStory.

Color HerStory is a coloring book brand that features inspirational images of women who have achieved incredible things throughout history.

The brand’s purpose is to motivate and educate children and adults about the achievements of women from all walks of life.

Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, and Malala Yousafzai are among the famous women included in the coloring books.

The firm wants to promote diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality through its goods.

“Each page will have an inspiring woman on it with a small box to the side describing who they are,” the website reads.

“The coloring book provides not only representation for young girls and women, but empowerment.”

The founder

Simone Hufana grew up in a mixed family of Mexican and Filipino origin.

She was born and reared in the East Bay of California, where she witnessed injustice firsthand.

Her surroundings inspired her from a young age, and she grew up motivated to make societal reforms a reality.

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Simone Hufana, like many other young entrepreneurs today, decided to start her own business when she was still in high school.

Because she was a part of her school’s business and finance academy, she already had the required building blocks for her ideas.

“One day after school while babysitting my 3-year-old sister at the time, I was watching her color in a coloring book while I was journaling on the couch,” said Hufana.

“I began to brainstorm a coloring book idea but was trying to figure out how I could make mine unique and different from everything else I had seen.”

Simone Hufana made the decision to create a book that would inform and encourage women.

“Growing up in the society that we do, I was ashamed of my features that came with me as a young brown girl,” the Color HerStory website wrote.

“I wanted fair skin like my classmates and Barbie dolls.”

“Until I grew older, I started taking pride in my different identities because I took the initiative to educate myself about my cultures and the women that look like me and are doing revolutionary things.”

“I got very inspired by what these women were doing and wanted to do what they were doing one day, changing the world,” Hufana continued.

“I realized that I was capable of doing so and ended up with this business idea becoming a reality.”

Pushing the idea into reality

Simone Hufana then proposed the concept to close friends and family, increasing the level of precision gradually until she had a book proposal.

“It’s funny because I actually sat on the idea for an entire year because I lacked a lot of confidence in the idea and thought people would see it as silly and stupid,” Hufana admitted.

A year later, Color HerStory was released to the public.

Simone Hufana competed in the Marshawn Lynch and Shopify Beastmode Business Competition Challenge.

She won the competition and was given mentors and resources to help her get started with her own business.

“I’ve been nurturing it ever since,” said Hufana. “And it has grown with me through my young womanhood.”

“I am going to change the world, and this is just the beginning.”

A hopeful outlook

Simone Hufana wants to stay on her present route for as long as she can, dedicating her life to her business and cause.

Color HerStory’s creator and developer emphasized the idea of outsourcing production and developing a team to aid in the preservation of livelihoods.

“I want to continue doing speaking engagements as well as event organizing, with a focus on BIWOC liberation and education,” Simone Hufana added.