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Shooting incident in California: confrontation leads to suicide

Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash
Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash

Shooting: The state of California maintains tight gun regulations, including a 10-day waiting period and a prohibition on assault weapons.

Unexpectedly, there is a significant amount of gun violence, particularly in urban areas.

Additionally, California introduced red flag laws and strengthened background checks.

Despite these efforts, the state’s argument over gun violence continues.

A shooting suspect recently fired at a dance club over the weekend.

Ten individuals were killed and another 10 were wounded as a result of the suspect’s actions.

A new police report claims that the shooter committed suicide.

The shooting

In Monterey Park on Saturday night, not far from the Lunar New Year party, there was a mass shooting.

It was anticipated for the Garvey Avenue assembly to last until 9:00 pm.

More than 65% of the people of Monterey Park are Asian, according to the US Census Bureau.

It is still too early to say for sure if the massacre was prompted by hatred.

It is also one of the most prominent among the largest Asian American and Pacific Islander populations in the US, according to the mayor of the nearby city of Alhambra.

The victims

Police said that at the ballroom dance club, five males and five women were slain.

Ten people were hurt, and seven more were receiving medical attention for their wounds at nearby hospitals.

Their situations, according to the officials, varied from stable to critical.

Despite the lack of identification, Luna assumes that the victims were in their fifties or older.

The aftermath

Police arrived at the Monterey Park dance studio on Saturday night three minutes after the initial call.

Police Chief Scott Wiesse said that as some people attempted to flee and others lay injured on the ground, officials witnessed a sight of utter mayhem.

A man armed with a gun entered the Lai Lai Ballroom in Alhambra twenty to thirty minutes later.

Someone noticed he was carrying a weapon and wrestled it from him before he left the area in a white van.

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The manhunt

According to accounts, the perpetrator may have sought medical help before being apprehended.

Authorities said that a male who seemed to be the suspect visited the emergency room of a neighboring hospital.

He visited the ER due to wounds that corresponded to the description.

After waiting at the hospital, the suspect ultimately departed without obtaining any assistance.

Police in Torrance subsequently stopped a white cargo van.

After turning his weapon on himself during a standoff, the suspect was fatally shot.


Huu Can Tran, 72, was identified as the ruthless gunman.

Tran shot himself during a standoff with the police, LA County Sheriff Robert Luna claimed during a press conference that evening.

According to the sheriff, Tran committed the crime on his own, and the motivation for the shooting is a top priority for the investigators.

The shooter

According to his ex-wife and former acquaintance, Huu Can Tran used to frequently visit the studio.

The former spouse, who desired to remain anonymous, said that they met there 20 years ago when he gave informal lessons.

She said that although never resorted to physical force, he had a short fuse and would get irritated if she missed a step.

Although it’s unclear if he recently went to the studio, a friend remembered him being there frequently in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

According to his acquaintance, Tran frequently discussed the issue of the instructors’ disdain towards him.

The acquaintance also claimed Tran was hostile to everyone in the facility.

He sold his house in 2013, and they stopped talking after that.

The news struck the friend as shocking.

“I know lots of people, and if they go to Star Studio, they frequent there,” he said.

The friend is concerned because he could be acquainted with some of the shooting victims.

Mass shooting in data

The Monterey Park tragedy is the 33rd deadly shooting in the US this month, as reported by the Gun Violence Archive.

“California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but yet look what we just had today,” said Sheriff Robert Luna on Sunday.

“I can tell you this, the status quo is not working. So we need to reexamine what we’re doing and what may work better.”

“And I hope that this tragedy doesn’t just go on a long list of many others that we don’t even talk about until the next one comes up.”