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SHIBU Establishes a Platform That Further Solidifies Their Purpose-Driven Vision

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Countless established authorities, personalities, and powerhouses are driven to succeed by a combination of factors. Some draw inspiration from the ability to secure generational wealth, while others are fueled by a larger purpose. In the case of SHIBU, a purpose-driven organization that is currently making waves, it is the desire to drive change, spark action, and impact lives that drives them to greater heights. Through its collaboration with Better World Fund, SHIBU is bound to materialize its cause-oriented vision in the most innovative way possible.

With the rapid emergence of cryptocurrency, SHIBU has found a seamless way to effectively raise global awareness about humanitarian challenges and problems, as well as provide long-term solutions. By wielding the power of this ever-evolving platform, the trailblazing entity is redefining the way people and organizations materialize their charitable causes, paving the way for more efficient streams for fundraising. SHIBU sets the bar high among industry players across the trade.

SHIBU’s collaboration with Better World Fund is kick-starting a revolution that is unlike any other. SHIBU, as a deflationary utility token or the only payment method on the celebrity and influencer NFT marketplace, aims to address a range of humanitarian needs. SHIBU is rapidly materializing its goal of spreading global awareness and offering solutions for a better world while attracting more individuals to participate in their purpose-driven movement.

On a mission to make a difference, SHIBU and Better World Fund are working side by side to support various philanthropic movements and help fund charitable causes. As a matter of fact, the two have recently partnered with Better World Fund to strengthen their cause and materialize its purpose-driven initiative. Through the $500,000 raised through SHIBU’s private sale, they have already raised and sent over $30,000 for charity through the Better World Fund. Using the influence of artistry and filmography and wielding the power of cryptocurrency, SHIBU and Better World Fund are elevating the scenes to provide progressive solutions across the world.

SHIBU co-founders are also very involved in the Better World Fund. The co-founders are Manuel Collins de la Roche, President of the Better World Fund; Geraldine Dunayer, Director of the Better World Fund – UAE; Gustavo Antonio Montero, a banker and crypto enthusiast who previously opened Standard Chartered Bank in Switzerland; and Shibu Thomas, who is renowned in pharmaceutics, a major success story in real estate, and the face of Shibu.

Recently, SHIBU was invited to the Cannes Film Festival events to set up a metaverse scanner to guide celebrities and influencers in raising funds through cryptocurrency. Through this highly innovative step, the power duo aims to expedite fundraising for innumerable causes while providing additional streamlines for celebrities and influencers. The event will be held in May of next year.

Armed with big plans for the future and fueled by the vision of catalyzing change across the world, SHIBU and Better World Fund are currently going all out. This promising collaboration not only aims to redefine the crypto space but also seeks to establish cause-oriented initiatives designed to create a better world in the years to come.

SHIBU will have its presale on January 13, 2022 at 1 PM UTC through their website; it will end on January 17, 2022 at 1 PM UTC. Its first DEX listing will be on January 20, 2022 at 1 PM UTC.

To know more about SHIBU’s projects, you may join their community. You may also subscribe to their Youtube channel.