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Shephard Cleaning Services: A Story of Defying All Odds

With the mantra, “I can, I will, I must,” which he got from Dr. Eric Thomas, William Lee Shepherd has continued to reaffirm his beliefs to anyone who cares to listen, and he wants them to believe the same. Putting his personal experiences into perspective, William Shephard strongly believes that there is no terrible situation that a person cannot overcome. Shepherd Cleaning Services is a family-owned cleaning company that William Lee Shepherd believes is his own proof of “Building Nothing into Something.” And rightfully so, it is a proof and one that everyone can see. In his account of his life experience, he was at a time homeless with a pregnant fiancée and three children. At the time, it looked like it would be impossible to overcome that situation, but he did overcome that part of his life and went on to establish a thriving family company. Perhaps, before taking any action on the company’s website, the team believes in the phrase “we’re not a company, we’re a family.”

Before Shephard Services came to life, William was in a situation that many people would call flat-out broke. He had no cent to his name, and he had a lot of responsibility to juggle alongside fixing his finances, but William never believed that he was broke. According to him, it was a transitional financial phase, and that phase gave him the foresight to build a company that has turned his life around.

While stories like these are quite common, William Lee Shephard’s story stands out because at no point in his life did it seem like anything was on his side. Neither the system nor life itself seemed to be on his side as a young black man. He was in the system, and there were little hopes that he was ever going to turn his situation around. However, as a homeless black man, he brought his dream to life and has instilled hope in many people who are in a similar situation.

With his company, Shephard Services, he focuses on making his clients satisfied, comfortable, and valued. The company provides its services to city vendors, residential and commercial properties. It is not just serving the customers; it is also providing jobs to talented people willing to make a difference at a company enshrined in family values and dogged determination.

William believes so much in his drive, and he claims that it separates him from the competition. His experience and upbringing have given him a unique outlook on life, and his unique skills at building things continue to fuel his ambitions. To him, nothing is impossible. Apart from trying to better himself, the reason he built his business from scratch is that he did not want to give the efforts he could give his own business to another person’s business. So, he created his own brand and dedicated his time, energy, and resources to it.

In five years, William expects Shephard Services to expand along and beyond the east coast. He also has a thing for cooking, and he hopes to expand on that too. He wants anybody reading this to use this as a point of contact to believe in yourself and never allow your current situation to get the better of you. “You can, you will, and you must.”

To know more about Shephard Services, visit their website.