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Sheesh Entertainment’s Founder Encourages Others to Break Barriers and Take Risks

A sudden shift in one’s vocation is often seen as a displeasing choice for many. And with all the uncertainties surrounding these trying times, some would often set aside passion for making way for a more concrete and reassuring career path. But for Curtis Foster Jr., otherwise known as $windlaaa, founder of Sheesh Entertainment, nothing is more comforting than finding oneself pursuing the desired calling in life.

Although it may sound egotistical for some to pursue a risky dream over more secure goals, $windlaaa knew that limiting oneself to safe zones can only prevent a person from truly achieving success. And with the victories that $windlaaa has obtained from shifting from one path to another and creating Sheesh Entertainment, his choices in life only proved as a genuine attestation that success lies with those who dare to go beyond boundaries.

Hailing from the hustle-and-bustle streets of New York City, $windlaaa knew that he was fit to walk with fame and success by creating a platform where he can hone his talents and further develop others’ skills in music through Sheesh Entertainment. However, his goal of reaching the peak of triumphs was met with countless challenges. And because of these unpredictable bumps on the road, $windlaaa had to take a few steps back, pack his bags, move to Florida, and half-heartedly chase something that he once perceived as a more promising career path.

However, the more $windlaaa delved into a path far from his passion, the more he felt that something was lacking. And as emptiness continued to stir within him, he decided to quit his present profession and went after his childhood dream – to become a sterling figure in the world of entertainment. So fueled with a fiery passion for pursuing his lifelong goal, he decided to create Sheesh Entertainment.

Sheesh Entertainment is a record label company that pushes the boundaries of music and entertainment by shaping aspiring talented individuals to strike a balance between passion and advocacy. The company was built around its purpose of sending encouragement to others in pursuing paths according to a person’s love and passion for one’s chosen trade. Moreover, this heightened focus towards its noble mission was due to its founder’s initial denial of his dreams. And now that he has attained success by breaking barriers, $windlaaa wanted others to follow suit and live unafraid of taking risks through Sheesh Entertainment.

As the founder of Sheesh Entertainment – a company that centers on its noble mission of inspiring others to overcome the fear of going beyond safe zones, $windlaaa’s towering zeal can be traced back to college, where he can be found randomly creating tunes and writing songs in his makeshift studio. This seemingly ordinary moment was the time where he genuinely manifested his love for music. Although he was juggling between passion and his other goal at that time, $windlaaa decided to focus on what truly matters in his life. And because $windlaaa succeeded in reaching the pinnacles of victory despite his sudden career shift, he thought it best to become an inspirational figure for others.

But aside from Sheesh Entertainment, $windlaaa also runs a clothing line called Sheesh Clothing.

With the lack of approval that $windlaaa had gotten during his unanticipated career change, this did not waver $windlaaa’s determination to prove these people wrong. Now, with the success of Sheesh Entertainment, he plans to continue inspiring others to take risks and follow their dreams.

To know more about $windlaaa and Sheesh Entertainment, you may visit their website. Follow $windlaaa on Spotify and listen to his top hit song ‘Moving Fast’ where he raps about the struggles of his career change.