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Shawn Fair, Les Brown, and Jackie Kallen to Judge OnStage PLUS’ The Next Greatest Speaker

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Fall of 2021 is expected to be a celebration of talents as OnStage PLUS gathers the country’s most promising and gifted public speakers for a showdown of skills, self-confidence, wit, and stage presence in its new show called The Next Greatest Speaker. The show’s producer, David Watts, invited three of the industry’s most admired and sought after motivational speakers to be judges in the upcoming event. The highly respected set of judges is made up of Shawn Fair, Les Brown, and Jackie Kallen—all powerful and influential public speakers who have excelled incredibly in their respective industries. 

The Next Greatest Speaker is believed to be the American Idol version of public speaking as it intends to attract and discover the country’s most gifted speakers and put them on a platform where their innate gifts will be highlighted. The three judges will narrow down the choices to their final 12 picks, and they will speak on a stage similar to the well-known TV show American Idol. Through the upcoming TV show, Watts hopes to discover the next generation of powerful and life-changing speakers who will greatly impact the world, train the next leaders who will run businesses and governments, and those who will continue to inspire others. 

OnStage PLUS is a brand marketing and digital content company based in Oakland, California, and currently has a reach of 48 million households. It can be viewed on the ROKU digital platform, all internet-enabled devices, and digital TV platforms all the way in North America, South America, and Europe. At present, the company is in partnership with David Watts, who has been in the marketing and entertainment industries since the young age of 19. Watts has worked closely with a long list of respectable and well-known artists and personalities that include Denzel Washington, Marion Van Peebles, Les Brown, Louis Grossette Jr., and Vivica A. Fox, to mention a few.

Watts’s choice of judges for The Next Greatest Speaker are personalities that viewers are looking forward to watching next year. Shawn Fair is a popular motivational speaker and trainer in the industry, who has successfully helped countless individuals in the United States, Europe, and Canada improve their businesses significantly through his teachings. One of his most powerful topics is how to embrace change in order to grow personally and business-wise. His expertise involves speaking mostly on corporate leadership, vision, business development, and coaching. He has the unique gift of engaging, motivating, and inspiring leaders from various industries and levels to pursue that which will let their vision come to life.

Les Brown, on the other hand, is a world-class keynote speaker and the leading authority on achievement for audiences as big as 80,000. He can effectively encourage his audience to be brave in meeting the challenges in front of them by sharing inspiring instances from his personal life that shaped him to become the powerful and successful motivational speaker that he is now. 

Jackie Kallen is the world’s most successful female boxing manager and became the inspiration for a film. She was formerly a journalist who became a publicist for Thomas Hearns and Detroit’s Kronk Boxing Team. Kallen spent ten years learning the ropes of the boxing industry and learned strategic ways to stand out in a male-dominated world. When she launched her business as a manager, she became responsible for grooming James Toney, who eventually became a world champion. She is the epitome of strength, determination, and passion. 

The Next Greatest Speaker is bound to excite the world as it launches in 2021. Aside from its powerhouse judges, it is expected to showcase the best of the best when it comes to public speaking. 

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