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Senior Releases Single “Made It Bigger” As Prelude to Forthcoming Album

Scaling his real-life experiences into a unique take on lyricism coupled with dramatic yet catchy tunes, rising singer Senior released his latest track “Made It Bigger” last September 30. The song is a prelude to his forthcoming album “I Feel Better Alone,” set to launch this October 15.

Senior is a talented song artist who takes his music to the next level. Inspired by reality, his music narrates his personal experiences in life. He takes listeners to a rollercoaster of emotions through his impactful lyrics. This natural and effortless ability allows the rising singer to connect with his listeners and audience at a deeper level. His ultimate goal is to impact people on a soul level by touching the very core of their emotions through his songs. 

Growing up, Senior always had a passion for music. At 13, he recognized his love for music when he used to sing for his little brother. But he did not take his talent seriously until quite recently. Randomly posting snippets and concept visions of songs on his Instagram platform, the upcoming music mogul received impressive feedback from many people. This response fueled him to start his music career.

Today, his music is available across various music-streaming platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Spotify. He is also on Google Play and Amazon Music. In Spotify, Senior is a verified artist with more than 33,000 listeners from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

At present, Senior is a strong social media presence with more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Snippets of his song releases are also posted on his Instagram profile, where his listeners can get a glimpse of what he is up to. 

When it comes to his music style, the singer is, indeed, set for stardom. Giving off vibes very similar to that of famous Canadian artist, The Weeknd, Senior takes his listeners into a chilly and relaxing mood with his tunes and his soothing voice that goes with it. In one of his Instagram posts, a supporter commented on how she thinks Senior’s song would be the next TikTok hit. Other commenters pointed out how they could not wait for the full release of his songs.

Senior is most excited about his latest single “Made It Bigger.” This is another track that would show his listeners the fantastic lineup of tracks for his album “I Feel Better Alone.”

On top of his music career, Senior is also a rising entrepreneur. He is running TripleOne, an upcoming decentralized company designed to help people collaborate through the development of the whole business itself. 

In the future, he hopes to transform his music into a global sensation and perform in shows and concerts worldwide. “My goal is to share my stories and life experiences and connect people together,” says Senior. He continues to say, “I hope to give a positive impact on people around the world.”

Learn more about Senior and his single “Made It Bigger” by following him on social media through this site.

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