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Scott Groshong, Retired Police Officer, Finally Gets Sentence for Running Over a Man Amid Protests in 2020

Scott Groshong, a retired Portland police officer, was found guilty on Monday when he pleaded guilty to assault and official misconduct charges during a June 2020 protest.

The retired police officer had been on duty for nearly three decades when his misconduct led him to retirement.

Why was he convicted?

Scott Groshong, 52, has worked in the Portland Police Department for over 27 years.

Protests erupted across the country in 2020, hitting states like Portland.

In June that year, a downtown protest led to looting on Northwest 9th Avenue and Northwest Davis Street. According to the Oregon report, Groshong answered a phone call at a skate shop before midnight and filmed two men stealing skateboards.

Soon after, another entered the shop and took a helmet.

Groshong drove an unmarked police van into a man who was walking around with a stolen item from a shop.

A resident witnessed the incident.

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Scott Groshong was subsequently indicted and reprimanded in Multnomah County Jail on nine counts:

  • One count of third-degree assault (felony)
  • Two counts of failure to perform duties of a driver to an injured person (felony)
  • Six counts of official misconduct (misdemeanors)

“Groshong recklessly drove his vehicle to the man, striking him and causing him a serious physical injury,” the District Attorney’s office said.

The district attorney also said Groshong did not report the incident to his superiors or other authorities.


Groshong retired in August 2020, ending his 27-year career.

The man who was shot and other Portland police officers testified before a Multnomah County grand jury in October 2020, which led to Groshong being indicted on nine counts.

Additionally, the victim was not charged with the alleged theft from the skateboard store.

Groshong’s attorney, Brian Scott Davidson, revealed he worked in the construction industry.

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The sentence

Scott Groshong was convicted of third-degree assault and first-degree misconduct.

The former police officer was sentenced to three years of probation and 80 hours of civilian service.

Groshong Prison credentials will also be revoked.

Additional Notes

Scott Groshong is the first officer convicted in Portland for using inappropriate force during the 2020 protests.

Another officer, Corey Budworth, is currently charged with assault for allegedly hitting a woman in the head with a baton during the August 2020 protests.

The case will be decided soon.


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