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Score Above 700 Educates Clients to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial experts are very passionate about promoting the importance of financial education and financial management. From savings to budgeting, getting out of debt, and investing. Quite alarmingly, one of the most prominent reasons why many fail in the area of maintaining good credit is that people lack proper financial education. Score Above 700 wants to change this and promote the value of learning the basics of financial management to help individuals achieve financial freedom. 

One of the objectives of every credit repair company such as Score Above 700 is to help clients maintain good credit long-term. However, more than just earning from their excellent financial services, the company cares about its clients above anything else. The company’s expert analysts and financial advisers are all committed to establishing effective and long-term working relationships with their clients by exercising honesty, transparency, and accountability in everything that they do. This is the mark that makes the company stand out from all of its competitors in the country. 

Score Above 700 is well-known for its exceptional services, from credit management to consulting, education, and repair. They are known to be very thorough in the work that they do, making sure that they address every client’s past issues and help them maintain good credit in the present so that they can look forward to a better future. The company also offers charge-off removals, collection removals, inquiry removals, public records removals, late payment removals, student loan removals, and Chexsystems removals.

Company founder Mike Akhlaghi ensures every client’s success in credit repair by working with only the best analysts and financial advisers in the industry. Furthermore, he only employs the most effective approach when it comes to credit repair. Unlike many of its competitors that use disputes to repair their clients’ credit, Score Above 700 uses the most effective strategy – the challenge approach. Compared to the dispute approach, the challenge approach gets results within 24-72 hours from the time the challenge is submitted to major credit bureaus. In contrast, the dispute approach takes months before clients can see concrete and favorable results. 

The main reason why Score Above 700 is able to offer a money-back guarantee confidently is because of their formidable track record of 98% success rate. This is made possible by hard work, proper identification of the client’s financial issues, and the formulation of an effective game plan that will secure a better credit for the client. Mike Akhlaghi and his team never backs down from a challenge. Helping clients achieve peace of mind, and a fresh start is something that they do passionately. 

In the coming years, Mike Akhlaghi envisions Score Above 700 becoming an industry leader and a forerunner when it comes to implementing innovative and excellent strategies to repair credit. Mike and his team are aiming to make the company a household name when it comes to excellent credit repair services. With its impressive track record and high customer satisfaction rate, it is highly likely that the company will set the benchmark when it comes to effective credit management.

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