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Samaria Kelly to Launch Thee W.O.R.D. Clothing for MH Awareness

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves in a state of constant fear, worry, and stress. These are normal and understandable responses to an abnormal and unprecedented situation. Dreadful times like these should inspire kindness and humanity in everyone to lighten the load. Mental health advocate Samaria Kelly aims to preach a message of love and compassion amid these challenging times.

Samaria Kelly is a young entrepreneur, singer and songwriter, creative writer, public speaker, and mental health advocate. She is known as Thee Word Girl by her peers for her encouraging words, taking inspiration from the Word of God. As a servant of God, Samaria takes on many roles and performs many duties, but ultimately, her goal is to give someone a life-changing experience, something that she herself has undergone.

Samaria Kelly brands herself as a survivor. As a survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and depression, there is little that she has yet to face. Her past scars mar her young life, but she looks to God for strength and inspiration. In turn, Samaria preaches stories of hope and a new life to others who may still be struggling in their faith.

Samaria draws strength from her one-year-old son. His birth brought a whole new beacon of light in her life and challenged her to do better to give him a good life. Zeroing in on her dreams, Samaria Kelly recently decided to pursue the life of a full-time entrepreneur. As a nurse, it was hard for her to leave the life and career, but she knew that it was time to move on. Through divine inspiration, Samaria is able to live out the life she has always dreamed of finally.

Samaria is currently working on a series of product releases that she plans to launch by the end of 2020. The young mother plans to publish her first-ever book, which will tell a story of overcoming rejection and achieving success. Being a singer-songwriter, Samaria is also planning to release her first album.

Never one to run out of ideas to honor God, Samaria Kelly is also planning to launch an exclusive subscription service called Thee Word Girl. Through this service, subscribers can receive good news inspired by God’s word and messages of faith and hope. The service also offers tips on mental health along with relevant tools and resources.

To top it off, Samaria Kelly is set to launch the Thee W.O.R.D. Clothing line, which aims to empower others. In this case, Thee W.O.R.D. stands for Win On Repeat Daily. True to her word as a mental health advocate, Samaria plans to donate a portion of the profits to the Mental Health Foundation.

After years of struggling with several battles, Samaria is finally seeing her dreams come true, and she’s not planning to rest anytime soon. With her son by her side, Samaria plans to see the world, speaking and performing on various platforms while transforming lives for God’s glory.

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