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SadBoys NFT Collection Helping with Suicide Awareness and Building Safe Communities to Help People

Non-fungible tokens have gone beyond just another digital asset holding medium or investment scheme. It has transcended into multiple use-cases, and the SadBoys NFT collection is out to prove the versatility of NFT projects with its new collection of 5,000 unique NFTs focused on suicide awareness and prevention.

Set to mint on the 22nd of October, SadBoys NFT will metaphorically be pulled out of their basements into the real world on the Ethereum blockchain and get to work with suicide awareness. Part of the roadmap is to create a safe space for people to talk to each other and encourage one another through their mental challenges.

SadBoys NFT intends to donate $50,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention once the minted NFT has completely sold out. The creators are already in touch with the foundation and will ensure the donation is confirmed publicly once made to ensure transparency and accountability. Additionally, after selling the minted NFTs, a SadBoys Exclusive Club will be created, which will provide access to a community of mental health experts and influencers. In this club, holders get access to mental health sponsorships and conventions to help them feel better and overcome their challenges.

SadBoys NFT has a “sad” theme to depict the artistic side of the NFT and reach the right audience that might be interested in owning an NFT piece. Describing the ideology behind the project and the selling point, a spokesperson said: “We want to reach anyone of age 18 and older because we believe almost everyone has something they are going through that nobody knows about. Our goal for this project was to create a safe pace for people going through hardships to feel like they are a part of a community where they don’t have to be alone during these tough times. We want to help create genuine connections while simultaneously coming out with an NFT Art project with benefits and utilities alongside our growing community.”

SadBoys NFT embodies classic art with a meaning behind it and a laudable plan of action to make the world better and help people feel better about themselves. Holders of SadBoys NFT after the mint stand to enjoy numerous exclusive benefits, top of which is the exclusive community that offers private mental health seminars. They will also receive a secondary art piece airdrop to go alongside their already acquired SadBoy NFT.

After the first $50,000 giveaway upon selling out the initial minted NFT, the collection’s creators have also revealed plans to give out another $50,000 to a suicide awareness charity. The team behind the project comprises five talented people passionate about creating unique and remarkable designs on the blockchain network for the sole purpose of making the world better. SadBoys NFT Learn more about Sad Boys NFT on the official website or follow the collection on Instagram and Twitter.