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Rising NFT HoodPunks Donates Funds to the Black Lives Matter Movement

With all the NFTs recently coming out of the woodwork, the African-American owned digital community known as HoodPunks manages to set itself apart. The project focuses on its advocacy that supports the Black Lives Matter movement, empowering Black investors to stake their claim in the industry. 

HoodPunks is more than just a typical NFT. It helps promote the Black Lives Matter programs, which also includes promoting equality, providing support for families and victims of unjust violence, and creating a safe space for sharing Black imagination and innovation. The esteemed NFT project hopes to unite like-minded individuals to a global cause for social good.

Holders of HoodPunks will get to own tokens of unique digital art avatars as well as get the opportunity to support a cause that’s all for unity, equality, and diversity. The team behind HoodPunks aims to push their initiative towards changing the world of NFTs for the better. The potential for positive social change that the token can incite is massive, and discerning investors will greatly appreciate that facet of the token.

The team will donate funds to the Black Lives Matter movement, making sure that people are well-informed and empowered to pursue noble feats. HoodPunks is innovating the world of NFTs, offering a unique aspect for holders to play the game so they can earn cryptocurrencies. Holders are required to acquire the NFTs and then play the game where the unique characters are the tokens themselves. The game also has an in-game currency that is worth real money. 

The NFT will feature a diverse set of choices that allow the investors to choose from a wide array of characters. Whether it be a character wearing gold chains, wearing a hat backwards, and even some that are smoking. There is always something for everyone with the variety of digital art options that the community can choose from. 

The HoodPunks video game boasts unique dynamics that the founders have thoroughly designed. The utilities behind the game can be expected to be excellent to give holders the best experience when they play to earn cryptocurrencies. All its holders, regardless of their age, will find themselves loving the game while they earn at the same time. 

Countless influencers have expressed their full support of the HoodPunks community and what it stands for. Influencers such as Lotti, Kushpapi, and MostlyLuca have expressed their amazement at the project. With the token’s various innovative features, it’s only a matter of time before the community grows exponentially, garnering support from people from different walks of life.

HoodPunks is here to incite positive social change, and it is bound to become a massive hit not just among people of color but for everyone with the same values that the token represents. There will be massive giveaways by the thousands in the coming days, and HoodPunks doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The founders promise to spoil its holders and give them what they truly deserve by supporting such a great initiative all around.To know more about HoodPunks, make sure to visit the NFT’s official website. Follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts for more live updates.