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Resident Evil the Netflix series gets axed, actor Lance Reddick shares sentiments on Twitter

Netflix’s Resident Evil series may have premiered this year but was canceled early, leaving the series with only one season left.

The reception

Resident Evil, based on the popular video game franchise, was to be the next big series of the streaming service.

However, once it was released, it became clear that the series wasn’t going to last long.

Fans of the show were hoping it would be a closer adaptation than the Paul W.S. In Anderson’s films, the first episode alone proved that this was not the case.

When the series finally arrived, fans, newcomers, and critics alike couldn’t contain their disappointment.

Why was it canceled?

When Resident Evil went live, viewers quickly took to social media to ridicule the series, especially the dialogue.

Fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the series, and critics are reviewing the series for the story and the actors’ performances.

Although Resident Evil attracted few viewers, it seems the majority dug into the series to see how bad it was.

Another factor could be the timing of the release as Netflix suffered a loss of subscribers, most of whom felt it lacked content quality.

Adaptation problems

Paul W.S. Anderson was the first to adapt Resident Evil, but many thought he didn’t have the same power as the games, especially the characters many have come to love.

Although Albert Wesker appeared in most films, Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were rarely seen.

The Netflix series focused on Albert Wesker before the release of the T-Virus and the introduction of his daughters, two new original characters who did not appear in the game.

While Lance Reddick’s performance was a highlight for many (apart from his Pornhub monologue), it wasn’t enough to keep the show afloat.

Another big issue was how the series executed the video game elements. The effort was visible, but brought an unsatisfactory result.

The time lapse kept jumping back and forth. While providing background information about the characters is important, many felt let down with the original characters, hoping to see the main protagonists of the video game.

The Netflix series “Resident Evil” provided a clean slate and opportunity for the video game series.

Instead, the showrunners chose a different path, resulting in a confusing and uninteresting story.

Lance Reddick reacts to the news

Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker was undoubtedly one of the few bright spots in the Resident Evil series.

When the news broke last week, the actor looked back on his time on the show and thanked the crew, executive producers, and other cast members.

Reddick also thanked fans who showed their love and support for the show by tweeting:

He posted his feelings about her with a video on Twitter, in which he also berated haters and trolls.

“A special thank you to all the fans who watched #ResidentEvilNetflix, the showrunners, my castmates, executives and more. We worked our asses off and had a great time.”


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