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Renowned Coaching Program ‘Beat the Clock’ Is Transforming Lives and Remapping Mindsets

From coaching dance to coaching those who need a pillar of support while chasing success and growth, Michelle Rubio-Garcia is leaving her mark in different sectors. Today, she takes center stage as the founder of Beat the Clock, a coaching program dedicated to guiding clients in the process of personal development and equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their dreams. 

Beat the Clock, a podcast which goes by the same name, originally began as an initiative and brainchild of Michelle Rubio-Garcia. Promoting the continual transformation of a person’s life, the esteemed podcast initially focused on connecting entrepreneurs and thought leaders, who are advocating for continuous personal growth, with listeners. Now this brand will evolve into a coaching program intended to transform and empower.

Known for moving away from the typical “You can do anything” mindset that permeates the industry, Beat the Clock has managed to inspire action among clients because of the skills and expertise of Michelle Rubio-Garcia. Standing at the helm of this emerging platform, she has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in her portfolio of achievements and is currently on track to earning her PhD, studying the effects of intrapersonal communication and leadership, among other areas of interest. 

Expanding her influence through writing, Michelle Rubio-Garcia has a chart-topper under her name. Her first published book, “Break Through Fear: Embrace Challenges to Illuminate Your Best Self,” debuted at #1 under the Spiritual Self-Help category and #2 under Emotional Self-Help on Amazon. Whether in writing or speaking, this recognized life coach goes the extra mile to demonstrate excellence, doing the same for her one-on-one coaching program. 

Admittedly, the creation of Beat the Clock was not part of the roadmap Michelle Rubio-Garcia crafted. She initially wanted to found a dance studio and build an elite competition team, going so far as earning certification at the Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. Today, however, her mission has transcended dance and involves people looking to pivot and create radical changes in their lives in the same way that she did in hers.

Through Beat the Clock, Michelle Rubio-Garcia is transforming lives and remapping mindsets. Resonating with people who are tired of feeling like a victim of their circumstances, it helps clients rewrite the narratives of their lives. 

The first 30 days of the Beat the Clock program are dedicated toward building the foundations needed to attack goals. This methodical approach has proven effective in propelling clients toward flourishment. For the remaining 60 days, clients pick their set goals and use the foundations they learned in the first month to increase the likelihood of their success over the course of the 90-day transformation program. 

As an intentional coaching program that stands against motivational preaching, Beat the Clock has stood out ever since its establishment. Its prescriptive, results-driven services are client-centric in nature, considering the needs and individual differences among clients. Moreover, with its provision of one-on-one calls with Michelle Rubio-Garcia, facilitation of growth plans and accountability systems, and more, Beat the Clock has ensured the most optimal client experience.

In the future, Beat the Clock plans to remain an enabler of success, producing countless empowered and transformed individuals. 

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