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RECA Founder Shares Secrets to Creating a Top Real Estate Agency

Since moving to the United States in 2005, Simon Polito has wasted no time building a highly recognized brand, brokering hundreds of international real-estate transactions achieving over $600 million in sales. Simon is a California realtor and auctioneer who is the founder of RECA — a company that provides a full-service buying and selling experience for all things real estate.

When he first moved to the US, Simon realized that the auction system being used in the country was outdated and being incorrectly showcased and put into practice. Having previous experience in real estate, he knew that if he didn’t start his company, this anomaly would never be corrected. He wanted to show the people of the United States the correct method to use when selling and buying real estate. And thus, RECA was born.

Through the years, Simon consistently placed among the top professionals in the real estate industry due to his growth, volume, and experience. Simon sustains this success to this day by providing personalized service. His Californian clients often praise the RECA founder for his excellent customer service and deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Simon Polito is known in his community as the go-to person for all real-estate concerns.

“You are not just another real estate transaction to Simon. You are a client for life and part of the family,” one client noted.

Throughout his career, Simon Polito has been successful in many diverse aspects of real estate. RECA has collaborated with city developers, residential and commercial brokers and lenders, and property and project management officers. Simon’s clients consistently rate him as the most trustworthy and effective real estate agent in California.

Simon’s positive attitude helps his clients bring their own energy to their experience. Through RECA, he provides an all-inclusive plan with all the explanations of the buying and selling process, staying in close communication with his clients, and working toward their best interests. Simon’s clients know they can call him at any time regarding any matter of real estate.

In addition to this, RECA runs a state-of-the-art accelerated sales system that is the quickest, most transparent way of selling and buying real estate, putting more money back in the seller’s pocket. Using this high-tech sales system, all transactions are done within twenty-eight days with no contingencies.

RECA further bumps up its stellar customer service by offering a concierge service that takes away all the stress of a traditional transaction. Every step is made transparent to the client, and the entire process is explained thoroughly to assure the client that the service will be successful.

Simon Polito is confident that his momentum will take RECA nationwide in the next five years. He believes that auctions should become an option for every seller when making the decision on selling their home or investment. The company is working on expanding its operations to other states with big real estate potential to make a relaxed and refined buying and selling experience a possibility for more people.

Learn more about the unique services that RECA offers on their website.

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