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Rainn Wilson reminds people he’s more than Dwight Schrute

Rainn Wilson is one of the most versatile actors in entertainment, but he is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute.

Although Wilson is most recognizable for his work on The Office, he says he doesn’t want to be remembered for that particular role.


Rainn Wilson spoke to Collider in a recent interview to explain his sentiments about his recognition as Dwight.

“Listen, obviously, most people know me from The Office, and they always will, and that’ll be on my tombstone,” said Wilson.

“My epitaph will be, ‘The guy who played Dwight.’ But I did dozens of roles before I played Dwight. I’ve played dozens of roles after Dwight.”

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Other roles

Besides Dwight Schrute, Rainn Wilson’s other most famous role was in the coming-of-age Juno.

Although he played the memorable Rollo behind the cash register, Wilson still doesn’t list him as one of his favorite roles.

Instead, Rainn Wilson cites the 2010 cult classic Super as the work he is proudest of.


In Super, Rainn Wilson played Frank Darbo, a fryer who decides to transform himself into a costumed vigilante named Crimson Bolt after his wife left him.

“We shot that super quick in Shreveport, scenic Shreveport, Louisiana,” said Wilson.

“But I think the combination of humor, darkness, tragedy, insane imagination – my brain gets touched by the finger of God.”

“I think it’s an extraordinary work, and I’m really proud to have been part of it.”

Rain Wilson’s choice comes as a surprise to fans as the film only earned $593,933 at the box office.

Additionally, Super scored 49% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Due to the low box office return, Super will likely not have a sequel.

However, Rainn Wilson’s Crimson Bolt made a cameo appearance in the 2019 film Brightburn as a photo.

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Rainn Wilson’s latest project sees him alongside Daniel Radcliffe for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

He plays Dr. Memento, a real broadcaster.

Weird received rave reviews from critics, with Slate film critic Dana Stevens praising him for executing the meta theme:

Weird received rave reviews from critics, with Slate film critic Dana Stevens praising it for tackling the meta-theme:

“Though it wears out its welcome in one dreary stretch midway through, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (which premiere on the free, ad-supported streaming service the Roku Channel on Friday) is an appropriately goofy tribute to its subject and co-creator: a movie parody about the life of a parodist.”


Rainn Wilson says he doesn’t want to be remembered for his most iconic role