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R. Kelly found guilty for sexually abusing minors

Warning: the following article contains sensitive content that readers may find disturbing

Robert Sylvester Kelly, best known as the artist R. Kelly, was found guilty of child sexual abuse after a four-week trial.

The disgraced artist was convicted on 6 of his 13 counts in his hometown of Chicago.


In 2021, R. Kelly was sentenced to his 30-year prison sentence in New York on sex trafficking and extortion charges. The latest judgment adds years to his sentence.

A verdict was handed down Wednesday, and he was found guilty of three counts of sexually seducing a minor and three counts of making sexual images of a child.

However, a jury found him not guilty of obstruction of justice charges at his trial in 2008, and he was acquitted.

Meanwhile, two former colleagues of his who were charged with tampering with the 2008 lawsuit have been cleared of all charges.


The 2008 trial centered around a 30-minute video of her showing a pedophile attacking her 14-year-old girl. 

The jury cleared Kelly of all charges because the victim, who went by the alias Jane, refused to testify in court at the time.

Earlier this year, however, Jane testified that she was the victim seen on video.

The 37-year-old revealed she was sexually assaulted by Kelly hundreds of times before she turned 18.

The tape and two others were shown to jurors at the trial, where four other women accused Kelly of abusing them as children.

More than 30 witnesses testified.

The video

In Monday’s closing debate, jurors had panic attacks while presenting blatant accounts of child abuse.

A juror was dismissed and replaced by another juror.

Elizabeth Pozzolo, Assistant U.S. Attorney, has spoken out about a video of the pedophile urinating on a young girl.

“That degrading act is forever captured on that video. That abuse is forever memorialized.”

“Who does that?” Pozolo continued.

“Who uses a 14-year-old child to film a video like this? This man. Robert Kelly.”

The artist’s disgraceful attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, denounced prosecutors after the verdict was read.

She accused them of “charged counts that they couldn’t win.”

Bonjean also claimed the jury did its job to exonerate half of the pedophile charges.

“Obviously we are not celebrating a win, but are happy the jury looked at each count.”

September 2021 trial

At the September 2021 trial in New York, jurors heard that Kelly trafficked women between various states in the United States for sexual abuse.

The action is said to have been carried out with the help of officers, security guards, and other members of his entourage.

The media emphasized that the 2021 conviction was the first of the #MeToo movement to put a black prosecutor at the center of a major sexual abuse trial.

In 2021, the court also learned how the pedophile artist obtained the paperwork to marry the 15-year-old singer Aaliyah in 1994, seven years before her untimely death.

A leaked marriage certificate at the time listed Aaliyah’s age as 18. However, the marriage was dissolved after a few months.


R. Kelly: disgraced R&B star guilty of child abuse