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Queen Jackie A Leads Life Transformations as a Life and Intimacy Coach

Queen Jackie A seeks to change the world by empowering men and women and assisting them in tapping their inner strength. For this brilliant life coach, finding inner peace and happiness is necessary in every aspect of one’s life. Without striking this balance, life would be a total chaos. 

At 15 years old, her mother brought her to a psychiatrist to address her anger issues. She was scheduled for ten sessions, but almost immediately, her psychiatrist easily grew comfortable around her. By the fifth session, she was already laying on the couch sharing her problems with the teenage Queen Jackie A. Since then, Jackie knew in her heart that she had a gift and ability to get people to share their personal stories with her and she loved hearing them out.

Today, Jacqueline Arthur, more popularly known as Queen Jackie A, is a certified holistic life and intimacy coach and she is on a mission to heal the world one person at a time. She takes pride in the courage her mom had in bringing her to a psychiatrist back in the day when mental health issues were still taboo. The visit to the professional was the help she truly needed the most and this experience transformed her life in the best ways imaginable. As a way to give back, she is now making it her ultimate goal to transform other people’s lives as well.

Currently, she is also a host of an online radio show called “The Intimacy Chronicles” where people share stories to inspire others. As a coach, Queen Jackie A provides her clients with the right tools and strategies that will aid the transformation of their lives. She focuses on implementing meditation techniques and teaching them ways to create new habits. Moreover, she also guides her clients in learning how to love and accept themselves fully. 

Being able to help others heal through the power of conversations is what keeps Queen Jackie moving forward. Indeed, it is a different form of satisfaction knowing she has helped others improve their lives. For her, the rewarding feeling is unmatched especially knowing that her techniques are founded on genuine honesty. By providing mental, emotional, and spiritual support, she serves as a reminder to her clients that they are not alone in their battles. Ultimately, she creates a judgement-free zone where they can thrive and learn from their mistakes.

On top of her coaching career, Queen Jackie A is also the co-founder of Baltimore’s Back Wall Street Day where they honor entrepreneurs and community leaders who are making a huge difference in their respective areas while building a successful empire in their businesses.

At present, she has extended her coaching services to a wide range of clients ranging from members of the LGBT community, single men and women, and romantic couples. She handles coaching sessions with adult clients as well as teenagers who need care and guidance.

Through her impressive coaching abilities, Queen Jackie A is determined to touch as many lives in the best ways possible. There is no backing down for this coach. She is waiting to hear more stories from her clients and transform their lives in the process. 

Learn more about Queen Jackie A by visiting her official website.