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Puptown Houston Takes Dog Training to the Next Level

People who do not like dogs are almost unheard of nowadays as almost everyone finds them adorable, lovable, and worth sharing life with. Dogs become even more desirable when properly trained so that they are easier to live with and take care of. Puptown Houston responds to the need to provide proper training for dogs so that they stay as adorable companions and become helpful and functional pets.

Certified and highly skilled trainers with over 25 years of experience in the industry are available at Puptown Houston for families and pet owners who want the option to have their dogs trained by professionals. The company proposes this option to families and pet owners who will teach their dogs to be part of a healthy family environment compared to the cold steel cages that some are opting to use. The training ensures that pet owners can easily replicate the techniques and commands being used by the trainers themselves. These techniques are not just fancy tricks that they can perform in class but also the same skills the dogs can take home with them and make them responsive to their owners.

Dogs are trained to behave in their best behavior in various situations, such as when they are on the beach, riding a boat, or accompanying their owners in coffee shops. Puptown Houston trains them to respond and behave appropriately in real-life situations. And when it comes to the best dog training services, clients often go to Puptown Houston.

The company’s training packages all come with a lifetime support guarantee, as training is a lifelong journey for most dogs. Also available at Puptown Houston is a 24/7 care service should owners need them. Dogs can stay overnight in a cage-free environment should their owners require it for personal reasons. The packages are inclusive of walking time, playtime, and snuggle time, to mention a few.

Puptown Houston is being operated by a Muslim woman who is very passionate about dogs but has experienced discrimination for such an inclination as Islam prohibits the ownership of dogs. Despite having been cast out from her religious community, she did not give up on her dream and continued to find ways and means to establish the business.

Each year, Puptown Houston provides service dogs for children as young as four years old who have autism. Additionally, service dogs are also made available to adults who have PTSD, those with hearing impairment, issues with mobility, and many other conditions that require a constant companion. Aside from these, Puptown Houston also helps in raising money for scholarship grants through its service dog work. Each year, the company also donates a certain percentage of its income to various non-profit organizations in the community.

In the long run, Puptown Houston wants to continue developing and seeking support for its scholarship program that aims to provide at least 50 service dogs to those who need them most each year. The management is also looking at the possibility of moving to a bigger facility where trainers can undergo continuing education through seminars. Doing all this is the company’s way of ensuring that they continue to provide quality services that will benefit the community in general.

Learn more about Puptown Houston and its dog training services by visiting this website and their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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