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Priscilla Jankans Proves Help Comes in Different Forms

Helping other people through one’s profession is a common goal to pursue. This helping profession may take the form of social work, teaching, or the various healthcare fields, among others. Priscilla Jankans is one such person who helps others in multiple ways.

She became an Open Heart ICU Registered Nurse in one of the largest hospitals in the United States at 21. For over ten years, she has worked as an ICU nurse, and later on, she worked as a Nurse Executive. Helping people has been the core of her professional life for several years. But Priscilla decided she needed a change.

In 2016, Priscilla Jankans founded L.A. Nursing Services (LANS), a traveling medical staffing agency. At LANS, nurses and other healthcare professionals can ensure they get placed in the work environment they prefer and at their chosen schedules. Working with LANS also ensures that these healthcare workers receive the best possible pay for their services. To date, Priscilla has over 240 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical staff working for her. She works with hospitals nationwide, providing them with highly skilled supplemental staff.

Following her success with L.A. Nursing Services, she founded NurseproCEO in 2019. NurseproCEO is a business coaching and consulting agency. Here, Priscilla Jankans started providing webinars and courses teaching entrepreneurial skills to nurses and other medical professionals wanting to start their own business. Eventually, she attracted other aspiring entrepreneurs to take her courses even if they did not work in the medical field. She specializes in strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. Priscilla is also an expert in business development training. She also provides one-on-one consultations to assist her students in getting started with their business.

Helping other people is still very much one of Priscilla Jankans’s core values. This successful CEO is currently looking for 100 aspiring entrepreneurs to sponsor through her NurseproCEO academy. She will provide them with courses and webinars free of charge. This will help people get back on their feet if they have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, or if they are looking to become their own boss.

Priscilla Jankans recently established a 501c Non-profit Organization called Nurses for George to aid in dismantling structural racism in the educational, economic, and healthcare systems. It aims to dismantle the barriers to equal healthcare within the community. Nurses for George also provides free services to the underserved populations of L.A. County. These services include food, clothing, monetary donation, and assistance from patient care representatives to better navigate the healthcare system.

Priscilla Jankans is passionate about helping others. She also does this through speaking nationally about entrepreneurship. With her speaking engagements, she stresses the importance of acquiring the proper tools to create a profitable business. This serial entrepreneur has created an active online following through sharing content that connects people. Her online presence is another way in which she helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Priscilla Jankans is dedicated and driven. She believed in herself, and she started her first business after years of being an employee. She became a successful CEO and is now helping others start their own business through NurseproCEO. Her success has only made her more driven and has also inspired her to give back and serve the community. It is admirable how Priscilla Jankans finds multiple ways to help so many people with everything she does.For more information on Priscilla Jankans, please visit this website.