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PriceTag, San Antonio Artist Shares His Journey to Becoming a Global Rapper From Texas

PriceTag (Thomas Price II) is an underground Chicano rapper from San Antonio, Texas, who is making waves with his music. His track, “Rose Petals,” showcases his engaging storytelling abilities and bold bars. PriceTag is slowly making his name as a hardcore rapper who is not afraid to tell it how it is and deliver uncensored and unfiltered music no matter what the public or people think.

Mixed mostly with Northwest European, Mexican, African and Spanish, he says because since his skin is brown and he grew up in San Antonio, which is predominantly Latino, that he is proud to represent in his words “For his people” as a Chicano.

PriceTag always had aspirations of being some sort of musician as he was growing up. When he was a kid, his dad had brought him his first guitar. His dad eventually sold his guitar, but then he had gotten a drumset in high school, which he played throughout most of his high school years. PriceTag would eventually learn to play hardcore Thrash Metal songs from bands such as Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, and more. He also loved to play Iron Maiden and System of a Down songs on the drums as well as Avenged Sevenfold. It came quickly to him; he had learned to play using the double bass and started to shred the set not long after. He always thought it would’ve been awesome to be in a Metal band, but he just never had the time for it nor the opportunity.

Flash forward to 10 years, and now he is rocking stages as a rapper. He had made the decision to get back in the music scene once he was making good money as a truck driver working in the oilfields. PriceTag had started driving 18 wheelers in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 when he had landed himself a nice truck driving job in the oil field out in West Texas & East New Mexico. PriceTag figured that since he was making enough money to invest in things, that he would invest in a music career. As a kid, PriceTag would write poetry and love poems. He knew that since he already knew how to rhyme and write poetry that he would transfer that into music as a lyricist and a rapper. He has also noted that he originally was thinking of entering the music scene as an R&B artist for the ladies, but with all of his life experiences, rap was the better option. He entered the rap scene with his song ‘Money Bag,’ which was a song meant for truck drivers, specifically ones working in the oil fields who had to work long hours and stay in the fields.

Since PriceTag started in the industry, he has released 9 singles and is featured on an album from another Texas indie hip hop artist named Dyl The Killsmith with their song ‘Whoa,’ which is one of PriceTag’s personal favorites, as he goes ‘All the way in’ on that song and shows what being a no holds barred rapper is about. Even though he only released a limited number of songs and is a fully independent artist with no major label backing, he has done what he needed to do to promote and push his songs out to the masses. He has a lot of prior marketing experience and has spent almost $20,000 in his music since day 1. Because of that, he has been able to amass a global audience of listeners, mostly from Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Washington as well as Chicago. He has over 100,000 streams throughout all streaming sites and slowly building a following of dedicated supporters on his social media.

PriceTag’s first full-length album, Forever Independent, will be released at the end of 2020. He released eight singles in 2019, all of which are available on Spotify.

The young hip-hop artist dreams of the day he becomes a household name in the world of rap. All of his music is on all streaming sites; you can find them on his Linktree and follow him on Instagram.