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Premium Cultivars’ Exotic Seeds Really Are The Grower’s Choice

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Every strain has its own narrative to tell, ranging from the mundane to the captivating. Exotic weed strains offer some of the most intriguing backstories of any cannabis. They are derived from landraces in distant regions and exhibit great terpene profiles and other characteristics not found in most strains. Below, you will discover five exotic cannabis strains from Premium Cultivars, what makes them unique, and what to expect when growing them.

What is exotic cannabis?

Exotic weed is a word used to describe high-potency cannabis strains. Also, it describes marijuana strains that are uncommon in their fragrance, flavor, look, or growing place. In general, these strains are less well-known and less widely distributed. The two key characteristics that distinguish regular from exotic cannabis are:

  • Availability: Exotic weed is not widely available in locations where marijuana is sold.
  • Potency: The effects of exotic cannabis are notably stronger than those of a typical strain.

What makes Premium Cultivars’ cannabis seeds exotic

Exotic marijuana strains have several identifiable traits that might help you evaluate whether the bud you’re looking at is unusual or not. They may be distinguished from conventional cannabis by observing its general characteristics. They generally have the following:

  1. Outstanding trichomes – Trichomes, or hair-like crystals that develop on marijuana buds will be the first thing you check for when deciding whether the cannabis you’re looking at is exotic. Exotic cannabis seeds contain larger trichomes or crystalline appendages on the buds. Look at how it sparkles as it catches the light! The more glistening it is, the more likely you are looking at an exotic strain.
  2. Shape and color variations – Another important consideration is the form. Although this is largely subjective, the shape of exotic marijuana is thick and dusty, with a vibrant purple or lime green tint, completely distinct from the common cannabis.
  3. Distinct taste – Of course, if you have a free taste, flavor is one of the practical ways to authenticate the validity of an exotic cannabis strain. According to the testimonies of regular smokers, the flavor has a different kick and experience than conventional weeds.
  4. Strong effects – Once in the marijuana spirit, you can tell whether it’s a truly exotic cannabis. They are said to have a “strong and lasting” impact that strikes differently than regular cannabis.


The five best Premium Cultivars’ exotic cannabis strains

Exotic cannabis strains will differ based on who is looking for them, where they reside, and what strains are accessible in their location. Try one of these exotic marijuana strains to discover new terpene profiles and genetics worldwide. Here are the top five crème de la crème of Premium Cultivars’ exotic cannabis strains:

White Truffle

White Truffle is an exotic and highly sought-after cannabis strain that is quickly gaining popularity in the cannabis community. The White Truffle strain is quite simple to cultivate, making it suitable for rookie and expert growers. The plant takes 8-10 weeks to blossom, producing about 450g/m2 inside and 500g/plant outdoors. White Truffle features thick, medium-sized buds coated with trichomes and has a frosty look. The buds are a vibrant green with bright orange pistils standing out against the green foliage. The buds are also sticky to the touch, indicating they are rich in resin. Overall, the White Truffle strain is highly recommended for anyone searching for a unique and delightful growing experience.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid generated by crossing two popular strains, Durban Poison, and Grandaddy Purple. Cherry Pie is an excellent choice for rookie and professional growers since it is reasonably easy to grow. It can be developed indoors and outdoors, with advantages to both methods. Expect a blooming duration of 8-9 weeks and decent yields inside. Outdoors, late October is the optimum time to harvest. It is also an aesthetically appealing cannabis strain, with dense buds covered in a thick covering of trichomes. The leaves are vibrant green and orange pistils that stand out against the buds’ green and purple tones.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird is a hybrid strain derived from a genetic mix between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Unlike its parent plants which are quite difficult to cultivate, Larry Bird grows quite well in Mediterranean Seaside climatic conditions. Larry Bird may produce 25 ounces of short, thick buds suitable for harvest in mid-October when grown in mild-dry conditions. Also, Larry Bird’s Indica characteristics help as a disease and insect protection, allowing for 8-10 weeks of the blooming period.

When you cultivate this beauty, you can see the strain’s Indica heritage. The lovely plant will have sugar leaves that can turn a lovely deep purple color. It produces dense, densely packed buds coated with thick layers of sticky trichomes. Furthermore, reduce indoor temperatures to generate gorgeous indigo-purple buds for the last two weeks of the flowering period.


Gruntz is an Indica dominant hybrid generated by crossing the outstanding Zkittlez and Gelato strains. Gruntz strain may be grown anywhere and will blossom in 8 weeks. Outside, each plant may yield 18 ounces, but indoor plants yield 14 ounces per square meter once they mature. Growers utilize several tactics to ensure a good harvest, such as paying careful attention to the Gruntz’s soil composition and nutritional content; it does not like to be overwatered. Also, it is normally easy to develop using the SCROG or screen of green training approach.

Cheetah Piss

Cheetah Piss is a rare evenly-balanced strain crossing Gelato, London Pound Cake 97, and Lemonnade. If well managed, the Cheetah Piss strain thrives both indoors and outdoors. Growers prefer growing Cheetah Piss inside because moisture, humidity, and temperature are simpler to manage. Indoor production can reach at least six feet, while outdoor yield can reach up to eight feet. Flowering starts after fifty days, and the plant is ready for harvest in two weeks. Indoor yields are about 0.5 oz/ft2, and outdoor harvests are 5 – 10 oz/plant. This strain produces crops that are normally bright green with a faint purple tinge. Also, they have a frosty appearance due to a sticky covering of trichomes.

Exotic marijuana strains are distinct in some way. Many have unique roots in faraway locations, uncommon flavor characteristics not found elsewhere, and renowned parents that set them apart from the pack. If you want to try these exotic cannabis strains, go to Premium Cultivars seed bank. Also, they have several exotic cannabis strains that are worth trying!

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