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Podcast Squad Is the Solution to Booking Podcast Services in the Business and Entrepreneurship Niche

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Image Internally Provided

Every business needs recognition for growth. Business owners and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the online platform to gain better social media presence through paid advertisements. Collin Castrina and Christopher Cox, the founders of Podcast Squad, have been helping them gain better exposure.

Castrina and Cox have worked in the market with entrepreneurs seeking to gain exposure, either for recognition for their business, building their personal brand, or even for a book launch. There are several ways to build social media presence, such as advertisements on social media sites or YouTube. One of the most popular platforms today is podcasts.

Whether it’s on apps like Spotify or other sites, podcasts are accessible and deliver their messages. However, Castrina and Cox noticed that some podcast booking services would project unrealistic standards paired with unreasonable pricing.

Before partnering with them, one of their clients reached out to all other podcast booking services in the space. While some never responded, one service took over seven months to deliver on their 20 podcast package promise. They were five months overdue.

Castrina and Cox were disgusted that these services claimed to be “the best” and founded Podcast Squad. They wanted to deliver the highest level of results for their clients without worrying about the project being completed on its target date.

Podcast Squad only accepts a limited number of clients. Unlike other podcast services, by having a highly exclusive clientele of established entrepreneurs, Podcast Squad can get their clients on high-quality podcasts and work closely with them to ensure the best delivery of results. 

Having such an exclusive clientele gives them the space they need to make their clients a top priority. It also allows them to book their clients on shows that align with the message and deliver much faster compared to other booking services.

Despite having limited slots for their clients, the prices that Podcast Squad offers is still less expensive than mainstream booking services. They boast better pricing and book clients on a high volume of shows that align with their message and brand. Castrina and Cox have full confidence in their company’s ability to fulfill their services. They also commit a money-back guarantee. 

Podcast Squad helps clients “Monetize Your Words, Image, and Influence.” They have proven to deliver much faster when speed is essential, for example, book launches. If their clients don’t prioritize speed, Castrina and Cox help spread them out over a longer duration.

Their team has built invaluable relationships with some of the entrepreneurship and business niche’s top podcasts, allowing them to service their clients on top tier podcasts. Without a massive social media following or relationships with the hosts, booking a top tier show can be challenging. Podcast Squad works exclusively with established entrepreneurs who may or may not have a social media following.

Podcast Squad is fast becoming an unstoppable force in the business and entrepreneurship niche. Castrina and Cox are targeting to become a household name in the podcast booking space. With their results being second to none, they are confident that their services will be exclusive to top-tier entrepreneurs within a few short years, Podcast Squad continues to grow to its fullest potential.

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