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Playful Pandas Are the Next Big Thing in the Metaverse, Giving Holders an Opportunity to Give Back

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

An emerging community in the metaverse known as Playful Pandas is fast becoming one of the most anticipated groups today as it introduces not just lovable characters but also the rare opportunity to give back to communities and society. The community is currently minting with a maximum of 8,888 NFTs available for grabs on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. If anything, its founders are out to give holders an exceptional experience that will change the perspective of future generations of NFTs. 

The one striking feature of the Playful Pandas is its simple yet aesthetically attractive art that comes as a welcome design for many panda lovers out there who also see its long-term potential. The pandas come with colorful backgrounds, fur, eyes, outfits, mouths, and head accessories that contribute to the creation of each distinct piece. 

Apart from wanting to attract people who are panda lovers, the community is also open to people who are fond of NFTs, those who like donating to charities and a good cause, individuals looking for a Discord community, and even those who want to learn more about NFTs. 

The team behind Playful Pandas is committed to growing this community for the benefit of  all its holders who wish to experience the full potential and benefits of NFTs. The team is made up of BigWangDan as creator, Lozius as engineer, and Grmz. Being part owner of the community and supporting its initiatives will open doors for growth and expansion in the future, something that its founders believe will happen in the near future as more and more investors express their interest to be part of the community. 

While there are many NFT communities emerging today, Playful Pandas is confident that it is one of the few who have a solid foundation. The pandas are perfect for profile pictures and have a promising three-phase roadmap leading to the metaverse. At 10%, 20 Playful Pandas will be given to random owners. When minting reaches 20%, the team will roll a random number between 5-2000 and the corresponding Playful Panda number will win a Mystic Panda. At 40%, the team will be giving away 5 Ethereum back to lucky Playful Panda Owners. This show of appreciation is the community’s way of making Playful Panda holders feel important. 

At 60%, the community will donate $25,000 to the World Wildlife Fund. Another $25,000 will be released to any charity that the community chooses when minting reaches 70%. At 80%, the team will create a liquidity pool for the Playful Pandas, and by the time it reaches 100%, sellout will be available. The community plans to buy and create a hangout spot on SANDBOX land for a Sacred Temple to be built. 

Playful Pandas are priced at a flat rate of 0.04 Eth per NFT plus gas. For every transaction, there is a limit of 20 Playful Pandas. The team is easily accessible via Twitter, email, or through any of their Discord mods. They are open to hearing insights and suggestions from holders and interested investors on how to make the community lively and meaningful for everyone. 

Learn more about Playful Pandas by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram account for updates on its latest projects.