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PiccMee Prizes Is Changing the Way Advertising is Done

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

PiccMee Prizes is revolutionizing the way advertising is being done as it introduces an extraordinary way of promoting products and services. Through free interactive game shows, participants get the chance to win cash live with no strings attached. 

Founded by Chase Turnquest, PiccMee Prizes is getting popularly known as the future of advertising. All that interested participants need to do is enter the free interactive game shows and follow the rules strictly. Each winner who enters in the gameshow is selected at random. #GhostGiveaways are also being given away at any time. Once winners are announced, they are automatically sent the cash prizes via Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp. 

Turnquest is especially proud of his brainchild, which exploded overnight by simply being transparent to participants and giving back to the community in a fun and exciting way without being expected to give anything back in return. He is positioning PiccMee Prizes to participants as an engaging way to win cash without having to pay for shipping cost, give out credit card details, and fill out survey forms. The gameshow is simply a fun way to attract people and give them the opportunity to win something. 

PiccMee Prizes started only three weeks ago after Turnquest perfected the concept. He began working on this concept five years ago but was met with several challenges to include the sudden death of his beloved mother due to cancer. His first three attempts were a total failure as he could not get past peoples’ perception of the gameshow being a scam. Turnquest ended up broke each time, but he has always been determined to make it work. After finding the perfect formula to start running the game show again, his team generated more than 18k followers on Twitter and is still growing. 

One of the most sought-after games on the PiccMee Prizes show is the #GetOnTheWheel, where interested individuals can register ahead of time on a wheel that spins live during the show. When the spin stops, there is sure to be one lucky winner who has the potential to receive between $50 to $500 right after the show. On the show’s first two weeks of airing, it averaged 10k comments for every hour. In a short period, they have already given away tens of thousands of dollars to lucky winners. The turnout made Turnquest realize instantly that all his past efforts have finally paid off. 

Due to the undeniable success of PiccMee Prizes, there are several groups attempting to scam Turnquest’s original idea by creating multiple fake accounts to mislead people. He wants to caution people to be very careful when attempting to join one of the games. 

The whole idea behind PiccMee Prizes is to give advertisers a new platform where they can get maximum exposure for their products and services. Additionally, Chase Turnquest wants to be able to help Americans who are having a hard time making ends meet nowadays due to the pandemic. Sustaining the game show is his way of helping out as many people as he can during a time of crisis. The company caught the attention of Bill Pulte, who tuned in to a recent live stream that PiccMee Prizes hosted.

As early as now, Chase Turnquest is already envisioning one day giving out houses and Ferraris on the show. At the rate that his company is going, it would seem that he can do anything at this point. 

Learn more about PiccMee Prizes by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for exciting updates.