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Phoenix Energy: Justin and Chris Gordnick Rising to the Top of the Solar Power Industry

For the last ten years, solar power usage has surged to 48% utilization across the US. Due to federal policies to support this movement in energy supply, such as decreasing costs and the increasing demand across public and private sectors for greener electricity sources, there are about 78 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity nationwide, capable of giving light and energy to approximately 14.5 million American homes.

The cost of solar installation has dropped over 70% over the last decade, and prices as of the last quarter of 2019 have fallen to their lowest rates ever recorded in history across all markets. This led to the industry expanding and thousands of systems deployed nationwide, making the solar solution more accessible to the masses.

Evidently, there’s no better time to install solar energy in homes and establishments than right now. Phoenix Energy is swiftly ascending to the rank of being the top solar energy system provider, having installed dozens of Megawatts of solar energy in the United States.  Each year, the company provides thousands of homes with clean, renewable energy to save the planet and thousands of dollars.

Phoenix Energy offers leasing programs that significantly lower the investment required for installation or even eliminate it entirely. Additionally, the government has also created rebate programs and state and local incentive programs designed to encourage the population to switch to solar energy, making it an easy decision for most consumers.

On top of adding thousands to your home’s resale value and the environmental benefits, receiving a lower monthly bill is one of the best advantages of solar power energy compared to the standard electricity supply. Areas with plenty of sunlight and adequately designed solar energy systems produce more energy than what is consumed, hence the significant decrease in the electricity bill. But to reap these benefits, a home must have a professionally installed system that guarantees any amount of investment to be worth it.

The installation process of Phoenix Energy can total up to $40,000 if the system is procured upfront, but consumers have the option to acquire the system on a lease, also called the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Phoenix Energy also takes care of maintenance and fixes required, giving their clients a worry-free experience.

Once the Phoenix Energy system is in place, it turns natural sunlight into AC electricity throughout the day. Any excess goes into the solar grid, and some of this excess energy can be utilized by your home at night. As the network redistributes the remaining power to other users on the grid, your meter runs backward to account for that excess, lowering your bill instantly. Moreover, blackouts, overcast, or stormy weather is not a problem thanks to the advancement in solar energy technology.

Using Phoenix Energy can reduce your bill by up to 80% and pay less than what you are currently spending on your electricity provider. Phoenix Energy also offers $0 down payment with no out of pocket expenses for qualified customers. And with a low monthly rate for a 20-year contract, massive savings await you as big companies raise their prices on the flip side.

The brilliant brains behind Phoenix Energy are two brothers, Justin and Chris Gordnick. Chris, a US Army Veteran and a Bachelor’s degree holder from Ohio University, brought his brother Justin onboard, and since then, the company launched itself quickly to the top of the industry. Tired of the door-to-door sales life, the brothers decided to start their own company and recruited top experts in the solar energy sector. Chris and Justin always had a sense of entrepreneurship even as children, as Justin began to make a profit from door-to-door sales around the time when he was in 4th grade. From selling newspapers he wrote and signing up for odd jobs like yard work and moving furniture, Justin and Chris are now top entrepreneurs and experts in the solar energy industry. Moreover, they find philanthropic ways to put their entrepreneurial skills to noble use. At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brothers are supplying personal protective equipment to hospitals and governments worldwide, and continue to look for institutions that need their support.

Justin and Chris have widely expanded the company since emerging in the solar energy market. Phoenix Energy now caters to clients in different time zones and continents, and the brothers are always open to respond to their clients’ needs 24/7. The company continues to advocate the environmental and cost-effective benefits of going solar, as it remains to be the go-to energy source even for developing countries. 

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