Pharmacy One Plus Expands in Underserved Areas Despite the Pandemic

At a time in history when thousands of businesses were forced to either temporarily or permanently cease their operations due to the effects of the pandemic, the thriving company Pharmacy One Plus expanded to three different underserved areas in Chicago last year. Determined to serve the community, most especially because of the threat of COVID-19, the company stretched itself further and brought its founders’ vision to fruition through teamwork, hard work, and perseverance. 

Founder and company owner Majd Ibrahim always had the heart to serve underprivileged communities in Chicago, most especially those surrounding Albany Park. He understands firsthand what it is like to not get the kind of quality service a paying client deserves. As a professional pharmacist himself, he has always advocated for transparency and quality service in the industry. Establishing Pharmacy One Plus is his strategic way of revolutionizing how pharmacies ought to operate. 

As a young Arab boy who was not fluent in English when he arrived in the United States with his family, he encountered difficulty while purchasing his parents’ medication due to the language barrier. He and his family did not know where to get home remedies as well. Most of the time, they felt like outsiders pursuing the American dream. Ibrahim, however, did not give up on it and instead vowed to make relevant improvements in the way pharmacies serve their customers. 

Pharmacy One Plus offers vitamins, generic plans, special packaging, automatic refills, transfer prescription, and consultation services. It also has over-the-counter medicine and prescription drugs on hand. One of its unique services is offering flu vaccinations to those who need them right away. It also offers the Medicine On-Time Program, an emerging approach to growing a pharmacy company. One of its exciting services is offering free delivery to clients, a perfect solution for individuals who would rather stay at home to avoid being exposed to the deadly COVID-19 virus. All that customers need to do is make a call and arrange for delivery. 

A wide array of medical supplies are also available in the pharmacy, from wheelchairs to walkers, transfer benches, canes, crutches, commodes, bathtub benches, electric wheelchairs, hospital beds, and diabetic shoes, to mention a few. 

The pandemic posed a great challenge in Ibrahim’s plan to expand Pharmacy One Plus in other areas. Gathering the resources to the branches also proved to be quite a challenge. He was able to make it possible through his business partner Jawad Rabi and his team. He has always believed that anything is still possible despite the language barrier and everything else that life brings along the way.

“It has helped me to always focus on the bigger picture,” Ibrahim reveals. “It is always about perspective. If something small happens in the current moment, it is a leader’s responsibility to be a visionary and to put it into perspective. Because life is too short to dwell on the past,” he adds. 

As Pharmacy One Plus elevates the standards of delivering products and services to clients, Ibrahim hopes that it will be the beginning of significant changes in the industry as a whole. Learn more about Pharmacy One Plus by visiting its website.

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