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Parrot Marketing Guarantees First Page of Google for All Its Clients

Whether businesses realize it or not, 95% of people who search online for a product or service, don’t know what company they will choose to provide that product and/or service. 

Since the same percentage of all internet searches for local services begins and ends on Google’s first page, it means you Which simply means that if a business does not appear on the first search results page, only 5% of the people searching will see you on the second page. Unfortunately, if you’re on the third page or lower, it’s like you don’t exist. Businesses with this dynamic often fall at the mercy of the competition, who reaps the rewards of being highly accessible. It is for this reason that Parrot Marketing created a method that allows them to boldly guarantee their SEO product will land a client’s business on the first page for targeted keyword Google searches. Something that will then translate to effective lead generation, profit growth, and powerful brand awareness, to mention a few. 

Co-founders Devin McGeehan and Shawn Collins were motivated to establish Parrot Marketing after recognizing an undeniable gap in the digital marketing industry. A lot of talented digital marketers deliver exceptional results for their clients on social media, but what most of them lack is order—an organized and systematic way of doing things that results in cost efficiency and more desirable outcomes for clients. The company uses tested and proven strategies that have launched numerous businesses successfully and fortified their online presence, making their competitors step up their game as well. 

“We came in to bring order to digital marketing. We find and employ the brightest minds in the digital marketing world. We galvanize their creativity and strategies to create campaigns that haul in leads to keep their sales people busy prospecting. At the same time we’ve created  a service so customer focused, it creates a client experience we can stand behind,” explains the Parrot Marketing co-founders. 

The Parrot Marketing team has the structure to provide a high level of customer service and accountability—something that a lot of growing digital marketing companies are not able to perfect up to this day. At present, the company is growing rapidly, prompting its executives to add three more promising marketers to its original team of three people. The company recently established a new office across from City Hall in downtown Colorado Springs. After a month, its executives are faced with a new challenge: the need for a bigger space to accommodate more tech professionals. 

With their eyes fixed on providing transparency, accountability, and results, Parrot Marketing is giving customers a whole new experience when it comes to scaling their businesses. With a team of highly skilled marketers who also possess genuine and exceptional character, the client can be assured that they are in good hands. By helping clients bring their company vision to life, the company is meeting a unique need. In doing this, Parrot Marketing is empowering businesses to pursue greater feats and dominate their respective industries. 

By 2025, Parrot Marketing executives are targeting being able to serve 100,000 clients in the country. By then, they see themselves serving many of the country’s largest brands and helping them take their businesses to the next level. With digital marketing fast becoming the next best advertising platform to promote products and services, it will only be a matter of time before the company becomes an industry leader with its dedication to providing top notch digital services that are all about making things happen for clients. 

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