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Our Stories Our Space Is a Safe Space For Individuals to Share Their Mental Health Struggles

Mental health is a crucial talking point, especially to those that are struggling with their own health and are falling deep into mental illness. The best saving grace that these individuals could ever have is the support of other people. Peer specialist and mental health advocate, Erin Duffy knows this for a fact after having multiple experiences with handling the matter. Along with her partner Lori Sevigny, who is a retired registered nurse and someone who has also had personal experiences with psychiatric abuse, both women have created an empowering community called Our Stories Our Space.

The community sheds light on mental health and invites people to share their own stories without any judgment or retaliation. They want people to open up more regarding their mental health so that they can be supported by others who are in the same situation. Erin and Lori understand that the battle is tough when it comes to dealing with mental health struggles, but they want everyone to know that they’re not alone in the fight, and they have others who are willing to support them.

It all started with a Facebook group that Erin created. She wanted to make a space on the internet where people could discuss mental health. As time went by, the group eventually blossomed into a website, a Twitter account, and their very own Facebook page. One day, Erin and Lori hope to tell the stories of their followers in a book that will inspire others to share their own stories.

In a little over a month, Our Stories Our Space has garnered a little over 100 followers, and the number is growing day by day. It’s all thanks to the immense passion that Erin and Lori have for their mental health advocacy. They truly want to help other people, and they want what they’ve created to bloom into something great in the near future. Indeed, it’s well on its way with both women at the helm.

They have a knack for connecting with people, which is very important when it comes to interacting with people that are struggling. They can bring out different individuals’ experiences regarding mental health, whether through private messages or by publicly sharing the information. This helps the members of their community to unload all the burden that they are carrying, and it allows others to support them on their healing journey.

Taking from their own experiences, Erin and Lori interact with other individuals and understand where they’re coming from. They want to encourage the members of their community to carry on with their mental health journey toward healing.

The beauty of Our Stories Our Space is that they are entirely open for anyone to join the community. There is no discrimination whatsoever. Anyone who is going through something is given an avenue to share their pain and sadness so that others may be able to listen and help them heal.

Erin and Lori have created something truly incredible. Harnessing the beauty of the human spirit through collaboration, they have proved that everyone is willing to help one another in times of hardship. Our Stories Our Space is a beautiful community of wonderful people, and it’s only getting bigger, expanding the spaces for which mental health will no longer be taboo, fostering love and acceptance all throughout the world.

 Find out more about Our Stories Our Space, by visiting their official website.