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Obed Dominguez Is The Most Successful Entrepreneur In The Solar Energy Field

Extroverted businessman Obed Domingez has started many firms. He was raised in Los Angeles, although he was born in Chihuahua. 2009: He shifted to Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is CEO of Sunforce Solar, which provides ecologically friendly solar solutions to the residential market. He’s interested in coaching and mentoring people.

His life and business goals are to help people save time, money, or feel good by delivering efficient long-term solutions. He aims to enhance his position by one step every day and has no plans to stop. His excitement landed him the job. He’s friendly and outgoing.

He entered the solar industry for the following reason:

He’d always wanted to work in a profession that made the world better. He quit his contact center job in May 2018, just after finishing his first semester of college, since he was dissatisfied there. In his opinion, I was not benefiting anybody in that capacity. He applied there after seeing a job vacancy for solar sales. Before this one, he had been passed up for three other sales roles due to a lack of sales experience. He appreciates the solar business that hired him and has kept in touch with them since they installed every sale his company generated.

The Special Quality of Him And His Company

Several other aspects set him and his business apart, but he considers them the most crucial because he feels they are the most ethical solar company. They can make this claim because all of our clients are satisfied, and they have never had a complaint from a client who said they were sorry they made the transition to solar energy with their company. He and his employees have never left a customer’s home feeling as if they had provided ineffective assistance to that customer and their family before departing. When they reach the client’s house, they convince themselves they have made the best life decision. His personality is kind and outgoing.

The Lesson He Discovered While Being An Entrepreneur And What Comes Next
“The greatest glory in life is not falling, but rising after every time you fall.” 

He loves this proverb since it’s universal. Life will bring many failures and disappointments. When you’re down, you may stay down or rise. Humans think they won’t be let down by others or life beyond a certain age, but they’re wrong. The more you stand up, the better you’ll become. You’ll no longer feel depressed since you’ve become mentally influential. First, be extroverted to succeed.

Five things he wishes had been mentioned to him before he founded his business.

  • Someone should have informed him not to expect support for his dream. No one stays even if individuals claim they want to help you and expand the company. It’s a fact and not terrible. He doesn’t blame them for altering their views since it indicates they aren’t determined to succeed.
  • He wishes he’d known more about personal development events before attending. If he’d begun attending personal development activities sooner, he’d be ten times better. Because he’s in the appropriate car, he doesn’t mind that they didn’t notify him.
  • He wishes someone had told him how to handle his business’s taxes. He thinks this is essential business knowledge. Taxes are companies’ most significant expenditure. He wishes he had known about tax-saving strategies when he began his firm.
  • Before starting his firm, he also wishes he had understood how many dishonest individuals are in every business area. He said so since he’s seen so many individuals do evil things, and it amazed him that this was common in business. He was trained to follow the rules even if it wasn’t profitable.
  • He wishes he had known about local options for advertising his firm before beginning it. The Chamber of commerce and other groups may assist in promoting your company. He realized that numerous city groups network and send each other consumers.

His Dream

He wants to do one major philanthropic project before he turns 25.

His Next Big Step

With his close friend and business partner Samuel Barraza, he will publish his NFT collection as well as his first book as his next significant steps.

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