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Nemo Intelligere’s “The Grail” 2019: A Life-sized Interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”

Nemo Intelligere is a true renaissance mind trapped in a modern artist’s body. Much of his artistic interests revolve around Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and work. So when 2019 marked the 500 years since the death of one of the greatest painters of all time, Nemo found this to be an opportunity to create something new and unique that would effectively depict Da Vinci’s artistry but through a unique approach. He wanted to craft a sculpture that would surely captivate the entire world like never before.

Nemo is the creator of the sculpture “The Grail 2019.” It is a 5’ x 25’ life-sized sculpture depiction of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper artwork in gold. It is elegantly attached to the wall to represent the same manner the real artwork hangs from a wall in Milano today. However, the twist lies in its features that are directly protruding from the wall. For the most part, it displays the exact characteristics and features of the figures in the original painting. However, the creative artist also incorporated subtle changes in his interpretation driven by significant purposes behind them.

The sculptor started his career as an apprentice creating successful compositions across the art industry. The beginning of his career, which is similar to how Da Vinci started his artistic path, bolstered his interest in discovering more about the renaissance painter. As to this idea, Nemo pointed out that “when you work in the spirit, you see things, patterns, codes. Some codes take years to reveal themselves, sometimes five hundred years.” 

His dedication to studying Da Vinci’s work goes beyond its artistic side. Nemo spends most of his time studying ancient history and its connection to mysteries in the ancient world that are yet to be uncovered. He shares many of the information he has gathered with experts such as physicists, decoders, and polymaths. He has also extended his help to a research endeavor regarding ancient Egyptian mysteries in California.

Indeed, the passionate sculptor has dedicated much of his life to the path he finds himself in today. He points out that his heart has led him to trust his experiences, and with that, he is confident that he is performing his purpose. 

Today, Nemo’s “The Grail 2019” resides in a private collection located in the state of Connecticut. The life-sized sculpture that envelops an entire room is rumored to be valued at $500,000 as a perfect way to mark the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci. However, the amount at which the artwork was sold is still unrevealed until today. To further honor the 500 years, he plans to create a total of five “The Grail 2019,” artworks which leaves four more left to be made. 

Nemo’s artworks are the perfect avenue for ancient world mystery enthusiasts who enjoy uncovering hidden messages and codes. Whether uncovering these mysteries could lead to historical revisions or not is yet to be known. Still, the process of discovering more about the past makes the present and future very exciting, and this is what fuels Nemo’s passion.Learn more about Nemo Intelligere’s “The Grail, 2019” by checking out his official website.

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