The Chicago Journal Enjoy Entertainment for a Cause

With the internet becoming accessible to millions of people, information spreads quickly like wildfire. What is trending in another country can become a hit for another. Everyone can stream music, movies, and games through hundreds of platforms. Consequently, these platforms earn through streams. However, will break this one-sided system this year. utilizes one’s following in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They can enjoy music, movies, and games while being paid to be social. 20% of the money will be spent to fund programs, especially non-profit organizations, churches, foundations, and schools globally. Interestingly, a revenue stream is created  for consumers. 

With the ongoing pandemic affecting millions of families and plunging the economy to a record-breaking recession, Monytize sees that their goal will serve as an important act to put food on the tables of the needy. Their charitable twist on the multibillion streaming industry massively separates them from the competition.

“This is the core reason this platform was created, so that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to in their home communities as well as in the world. This platform is about self-empowerment by taking the things we enjoy and love turning it into a global tool for change.”

Another impressive feature the platform offers is how it helps underrated artists earn money and gain social recognition. Artists, producers, and creatives will earn money even if one member downloads content from another content creator. For instance, when a fan of Katy Perry downloads her music, Taylor Swift will also be paid for the purchase. It also works vice versa and among all content.

Monthly cash will be deposited to each user’s personal Visa Debit card. The good news is that it can be used to pay for everything like bills and subscriptions to various services. With Monytize wallet, they can keep track of the balance they have in their accounts. Moreover, members can earn cash by inviting their followers from social media platforms.

Everything is good on paper. However, there’s a catch. Membership is invite-only, although signing up is free. Terrell Samuels, CEO of, claimed that it is engineered this way to secure protection. Nevertheless, this minor setback does not outweigh the good cause this platform is designed for.

Samuels also mentioned that content and features will be updated to when users steadily increase. Video calling, messaging, and international calling, and chat will be added to the platform.  The latest games, music, and movies will be uploaded to the platform as well. 

It took 12 years for Terrell Samuels to complete the retail platform. Without spending an additional dollar while using, its users can support causes worldwide.  The visionary is no novice in marketing. For more than eight years, he was the founder and CEO of ATG Financial Corporation. He has also raised millions of dollars in real estate and stock market. The Vice President of Business Development With Inseason Talent and Creanspeak Productions also backed several commercial real estates along with two major corporations. 

Terrell’s impressive record in this line of work has earned him deals with high-end figures in the society. He has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, doctors, and attorneys. His extremely effective work ethic, attitude, and perseverance eventually molded him into the millionaire that he is today.

The social media platform will launch later this year. Check out Monytize on their website to know more about the promising platform, or email