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Montae Harris Celebrates Stories of Success in His New Podcast

Professional basketball player Montae Harris turns to podcasting to share inspiring and meaningful stories of success. Together with his guests who come from diverse backgrounds, he hopes to provide necessary guidance to the rising generation.

The first thing one notices about Montae Harris is his love for basketball. In an introductory video he recently uploaded on YouTube, he says, “Basketball brings the best about you: the competition, the challenges. Everything about basketball makes you a better person. It gives you that hunger to go out and get what you want in life.”

Montae, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, played collegiate basketball for Grace Christian University. After his four years in college, he went on to play his beloved sport professionally for the Basquet Benicario club in Spain. His basketball career was gaining momentum fast. Unfortunately, he got injured the following year.

The sudden interruption in his life gave Montae an opportunity to reevaluate his life. In particular, he reflected deeply on other pursuits he can channel his energy into besides basketball. From an idea that was initially planted in his mind by his mother and a friend, he decided to start his podcast.

What Does It Take? is the name of Montae’s podcast. This striking question also provides the main goal and the direction for the discussions in each episode. With the question “What does it take?” Montae inquires his guests, his audience, and himself about what it takes to be successful and create a platform for oneself. Ultimately, his purpose is to give back and create an avenue through which his guests can share stories of success to inspire those who need it.

His podcast covers a wide range of topics, including sports, politics, activism, music, and many more. Montae hopes for everyone in his podcast to open up and freely share their stories. Montae’s greatest strength as a podcaster is his ability to initiate and maintain real conversations. The discussions on his show are more than interviews; they are, in fact, very organic.  

In the first episode of What Does It Take?, for example, Montae converses naturally with professional coach Scotty Mason. They begin with a discussion on police brutality, systemic racism, and the recent protests. Montae was masterful in navigating such a heavy dialogue with a tone that was more casual and relatable. Regardless of the specific subject of the conversation, he can highlight the universality of the human struggle and experience. Listeners will find the honesty refreshing and engaging. His audience will find hope and inspiration from hearing about the collective goodness of the human family.

Looking back on how he has established his brand, Montae recognizes the lifelong journey that he is on. He shares that he grew up looking for answers on how to be successful. He knows that many can benefit from the guidance that his podcast offers. He sees it as a way to help others avoid the mistakes that he committed.

Listen to more meaningful stories of success by subscribing to Montae’s podcast, What Does It Take?, on Youtube. Learn more about Montae Harris by following him on Instagram.