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Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls leadership style a big influence on Stephen Curry

The past decade has seen Stephen Curry become one of the greatest players in the NBA, and his meteoric rise can be attributed to Michael Jordan.

The Last Dance

Like many, Stephen Curry looked up to Michael Jordan, particularly his time with the Chicago Bulls, which was documented in the Netflix series, “The Last Dance.”

The Warriors star was recently asked about his leadership style, to which he brought up Michael Jordan.

“[Jordan] never asked anybody on his team or in the organization to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself,” said Curry.

“Set the bar for what work ethic was and that grind. He tried to set the pace with his actions.”

“I’ve always carried that with me as the standard for what I expect from my teammates and people, that I lived up to that as well and I set the pace there.”

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Michael Jordan

While the two are different, Curry and Jordan have showcased that they are fierce competitors in the game, and Curry imitating the Bulls’ leadership style fits in.

Michael Jordan played an influential role in ushering the Chicago Bulls dynasty during the 1990s.

He was not only competitive, but also constantly pushing his teammates to go the extra mile.

Jordan’s ethics were best seen on the court as he consistently put up incredible numbers, leading the bulls to six championships.

The Bulls’ star earned him the moniker of the GOAT, a similar title given to the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Stephen Curry

The Warriors star began receiving similar praises, exhibiting similar traits to Jordan, James, and Bryant.

He was seen working on his game in private runs.

Fellow Warriors Kevon Looney revealed that Curry is already pushing the team to focus on the upcoming season with the goal of maintaining their NBA Championship title.

While Curry has been criticized for his weaknesses, he managed to turn things around and transform them into strengths.

One of the criticisms directed at the Warriors star was his defensive contribution.

By 2016, Stephen Curry was leading the league with 2.1 steals per game, and he continues to improve his defense each season.

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The “best player” debate

Like most players, Stephen Curry has been the subject of debate for the past couple of years.

Shaquille O’Neal is among those who claim that the Warriors player is the “best player in the NBA,” citing his drive to elevate his game each season.

Meanwhile, others wave him off.

However, the fact that Stephen Curry “just wins” should warrant him a place on the short list of the best players in the world.


Steph uses great MJ quote as foundation for leadership style.