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Michael Jenkins Shares Secrets to Creating Generational Wealth

Financial coach Michael Jenkins is a renowned name in financial coaching for the foreign exchange market. He’s known for his dedication and passion for wealth building and his extensive background in this industry. His sole mission is to support and guide his clients to success by focusing on their education.

Michael Jenkins has specialized in strategy building, risk management, and trading plan education in his illustrious career. These skills have proven well in piloting others in reaching their monetizing goals.

Michael Jenkins grew up in a single-parent home on the eastside of Detroit. As a child, he was an active member of the marching band at Spain Elementary, where he established the military-style discipline and leadership skills that paved the way for his future accomplishments. After two years, Michael dropped out of college but went full steam ahead into the workforce and advanced his way up to the top sales charts for T-Mobile US and various home security companies.

Despite mastering his roles, Michael Jenkins became stressed out by the constant work and pressure he endured in his commission-based jobs. Eventually, he was laid off due to economic hardships. Fortunately for Michael, this event inspired him to branch out for something better—the foreign exchange market.

It was not easy at first. The complex industry seemed like a hostile environment for beginners like him. However, Michael Jenkins persevered and soon established a strong foundation within the industry. In just nine months, he grew a massive trading account and gained a student base of over 700 aspirants, who all desired to learn from him. This reality became a catalyst for Michael’s profound aspiration to teach his ways and help people break the 9-to-5 for good.

Michael Jenkins is determined to become a valuable resource for others to achieve their financial dreams and to create a bright, enriched future for themselves without the constraints of a traditional corporate environment or the need to sell. He is deeply passionate about watching his students thrive. He demonstrates that ardency by delivering effective hands-on training, 24/7 support, and professional services that can solidify their confidence in the fact that they are in the best hands to help them reach their future wealth ambitions.

Michael’s students benefit from over-the-shoulder strategy coaching via Zoom, round-the-clock testing, daily live trainings, Q&A sessions, and a three-tiered support system.

Michael Jenkins primarily focuses on helping middle-class parents who are looking for an opportunity to create generational wealth. As someone who grew up seeing his single parent struggle to raise him alone, he deeply understands the lack of lucrative opportunities out there—for those with or without a college education. His solution is to share his experiences with anyone willing to listen, hoping that he will be able to spark interest in them to learn more about foreign exchange.

In this age, making money from one’s phone is the most convenient opportunity right now because everyone has one—plus WiFi is everywhere! Combine this with the fact that the foreign exchange market moves over 7 trillion daily, and this creates the perfect environment of opportunities to build one’s generational wealth. Michael Jenkins believes that learning forex can help one get their family out of poverty while allowing them to teach the same skill to their children and friends, creating a cycle in which everyone can become wealthy.

With this vision, Michael aims to make an impact on 1 million lives, helping to end the cycle of poverty that haunts so many families and assisting millions more in achieving their dreams.

Learn more about Michael’s work on his website.