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Michael H. Forde Influences the World to Embrace Positivity

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Michael H. Forde is quickly becoming the next big thing among the influencers’ circle with his growing following on social media by simply teaching the world to choose positivity. His daily meaningful videos and quotes intend to spark inspiration among his followers. In doing this, the promising influencer, book author, and public health specialist is helping shape communities one positive message at a time.

The native of Brooklyn, New York, has over 100k followers on Instagram and 173k on Facebook. Michael H. Forde was inspired to develop his personal brand after realizing that there are numerous people out there who are seeking positivity and helpful messages that can inspire them on a day-to-day basis. It is, after all, undeniable that there is also a lot of negative content going around on social media, those that can spark conflict or influence others to lose their joy and peace of mind. The 26-year-old influencer wants to present people with a positive option, content that will encourage them instead of dampen their spirits. 

Motivated by the idea of encouraging people around the world with his message, Michael H. Forde released his first self-help book in December 2017 and later rebranded it in January 2020. The book titled Success Begins From Where You Are! was a phenomenal hit among people looking for helpful tips to create a better way of living. 

Aside from being a social media influencer and promising book author, Michael H. Forde is also a public health specialist whose expertise is focused on health behavior. He received his health science degree from Southern Adventist University after finishing high school at the age of 16. After completing his bachelor’s degree at the young age of 19, he went on to pursue his master’s degree and finished it at 22. At present, he is pursuing his doctoral degree. As a public health specialist, he has served in health communications at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci, as a member of the NIAID Inquiry Response Team.

Currently, Michael H. Forde’s focus is on supporting mental health initiatives that are designed to help improve the quality of life of millions of people by promoting positivity, hope, and compassion. 

Michael H. Forde envisions himself becoming a leader in the public health sector in the next few years and also to be known someday as a forerunner when it comes to positive change. He wants to be remembered as someone who created effective systems that allowed people to grow emotionally and helped them become more aware of the importance of improving health-related behaviors. 

Where it concerns his writing, he looks forward to writing two more books after Success Begins From Where You Are! in the next five years. He intends to continue writing on self-improvement and self-worth and help motivate people both near and far. 

As Michael H. Forde continues to move forward with his public health advocacies, using the internet as a platform, he hopes to reach as many people as he can worldwide and live out his life’s greatest purpose. Learn more about Michael H. Forde by visiting his website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on his latest projects.