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Metaverse Bank MetaFi Built for the Modern Social Trading on Web3

The cryptocurrency world continues to grow, and metaverse applications are quickly following in this uptrend. Accordingly, new projects come out often and promise to bring even greater acceleration towards decentralization efforts. One of the latest projects to come out and to that is MetaFi. 

MetaFi is a Metaverse Bank built for social trading on Web3, and MetaFi is also a gateway to a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality open trading world: the ultimate Metaverse Bank. It empowers a new community earning layer for the Metaverse.

The fast-rising metaverse concept is growing more and more, drawing new enthusiasts to its mission every day. Now the company is looking for NFT collectors who are looking to find the right community for them. “MetaFi is unlike any other project out right now. Imagine if you combine the gaming aspect of Runescape with the community of WallStreetBets. The MetaFi team has had no budget shortage in developing unrivaled levels of art, videos, and an immersive viewing experience.

Since the first quarter is done already, the quarter two roadmap includes the first IMO on the Metaverse Launchpad, equitable allocations supported by $METAFI staking, and the MetaFi Concept Trailer. Then, for the 3rd phase of their roadmap, they have the MetaFi World Demo launch on the browser, the MetaFi Gameplay Trailer, and Institutional adoption that welcomes non-crypto companies into the metaverse. Finally, for the fourth quarter, Metaverse Bank Alpha Release, a referral campaign for mass adoption, and business development focusing on new Metaverse Bank Clients.

MetaFi is where trading becomes social. Users can display their trades to others in real-time, display their NFT inventory, and have fun chatting. In MetaFi, traders and enthusiasts can curate their personal Metaverse experiences: visit friends, build a home and explore different ways to earn. 

MetaFi World hosts an advanced and futuristic version of the Earth built on Web3. The Multiverse theory explains how different versions of the Earth exist in a parallel universe. MetaFi takes place in an alternate reality Earth-like planet. 

In this fictional world, major cities are divided into zones like DEX, CEX, Launchpad, NFT, Fintech, Guild, Stock, Commodity, etc. The highlight of every city is a Metaverse Bank or a place where metaverse assets are made profitable. 

MetaFi enables traders to choose among different earning opportunities for tokens, NFTs, and land—optimized for the risk-reward appetite of the trader.