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Meta Skellies Creates a Unique Online Community with Rewards for Holders

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

When non-fungible tokens started making waves early in 2021, the crypto industry gained more momentum. But while most people focus on the investment aspect of NFTs, many projects are driven by the desire to create a community for individuals who are looking to share the same values and passions. Meta Skellies is among the latest projects to join the NFT space to create a unique experience for its community.

Meta Skellies is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated tokens. Like many established NFT projects in the space, Meta Skellies relies on the digital art medium. However, while others use the 2D style to create animal theme tokens, Meta Skellies strives to break away from the typical NFT projects.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meta Skellies are ERC-721 standard tokens that grant holders numerous benefits. The NFT project provides them with rewards on the blockchain and real-world utilities. Meta Skellies aims to become a community-centric collection, involving the community as much as possible. Additionally, they provide holding rewards distributed among holders with automatic participation in airdrops, giveaways, and exclusive access to upcoming projects.

“This isn’t your average collection. We are Meta Skellies,” said the project developers. “Each one of our NFTs is 100% unique and varies in rarity, thanks to our custom algorithm.”

Meta Skellies was developed for a variety of people, including those who love art, have ambitions for creative ways of utilizing NFTs, have an interest in a revolutionary project, appreciate being part of a fantastic community, have a vision for new technology in the NFT space, and people who care about the value provided in a project.

The Skelly Tokens are generated from DeFi staking and come with varying traits that can allow holders to receive passive income. Holders use the tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem, giving them access to participate in the Skellies Festival, a one-week event that will start after the initial drop. Furthermore, they will be invited to the Private Skellies Holders Club on Discord, granting them access to channels and events in real life. Additionally, future holders will be the first to receive information about the future developments of the project. Prospective holders can also get updates through Twitter and Instagram.

Each Skelly consists of many traits and attributes that are all completely hand-drawn. The custom algorithm they place carefully selects each trait for the NFTs, eliminating the chances to produce similar Skellies. The drawn traits gained inspiration from various cultures and places across the globe. The designing process was also monitored by experts from the beginning, making sure that the end result delivers in terms of quality.

While the project is yet to launch, the Meta Skellies team is hard at work, putting in effort to ensure the development phase yields excellent results. Once the work is done, the hype team will be working relentlessly to ensure the project gets out into the world, expanding the number of members. 

The Meta Skellies is set to launch in May, with the mint price yet to be announced. After the collection sells out, the team will celebrate with the Skellies Festival.