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Meet Upon Main Connecting Disney, Star Wars and Marvel fans and Bettering the World

Companionship and having someone to count on that cares are two ingredients that make humans function optimally. This new dating site, Meet Upon Main is waltzing into the scene with the promise of both and is contributing to a better and healthier world through its many initiatives.

Meet Upon Main is a dating platform that targets fans of Disney, Marvel Universe, and Star Wars fans. Founded by Robby Scharfeld, the dating platform helps people foster romantic or friendship relationships. Beyond its commitment to bringing people together, Meet Upon Main also donates a portion of its monthly membership fees to charities to help children with terminal illnesses to visit the Disney Theme Parks.

Building Meet Upon Main was influenced by many fans of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel seeking relationships with people with similar interests. Robby Scharfeld realized it was a unique need that he could meet with a dating site that satisfies that need, and thus, he set out to work on building the platform. His degree in graphic design and connections in the tech world aided Meet Upon Main’s earliest days as the platform sprang to life and hit the ground running with many impressive features.

Meet Upon Main has a functional website with a seamless modern design that enables users to navigate without hassles. “Our goal is to make those magical connections happen, so we focused on building a platform that offers just that. Users can easily find all kinds of relationships with people of like minds and similar interests,” Robby explained. “We want to make the site a one-stop-shop. So, whether you’re looking for a connection, sharing photos and video of your last Disney trip with your friends or if you need advice about where to eat on the Disney property, or soon to come, even booking a Disney trip,” he added.

Although the company is still new, with its website in the beta stages, the team behind its operations has promised more exciting features over the next few months and much more. The company is also working on an expansion to cover more locations and deliver more initiatives to its esteemed users.

Currently, Meet Upon Main is running a promotion for users who join the platform during its website’s beta testing. Any user who joins will get access to all paid features for free and another 30 days free once the website goes fully live. This is to give users a look into the platform’s offering and show them that meeting new people with shared interests does not have to be a challenging thing to achieve.

Over the next few years, Robby Scharfeld and his team sees Meet Upon Main becoming a leading dating platform in the United States (coming to Canada and the UK soon) and beyond for Marvel, Disney and Star Wars fans. The company has no affiliation with those franchises, but it’s giving their religious fans something to change their lives. 

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