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Meet the YouTube Sensation and Budding Musician Javi Mac

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

One of the most common reasons why a truly passionate and creative individual is determined to work on the next masterpiece is that they were not satisfied with the previous one. True enough, some of the most successful artists did not end their careers with just one breakthrough. Instead, they continue to create countless works of art until they reach a point where they are delighted with everything they have worked on. One such artist who is fueled with this limitless vigor is Javi Mac.

Originally from the streets of Champaign, Illinois, Javi Mac always had a passion for music. Although this remarkable zeal only manifested a few years later, Javi can fondly remember writing songs at the age of four, when his family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. This subsequently led an entertaining prepubescent life filled with music and rapping in high school. But unlike other musicians, Javi Mac did not center his interests solely on making music and writing songs. Instead, he explored the arts more, where he eventually discovered and fell in love with video editing and production.

Taking a cue from his newfound interest, Javi Mac quickly rose to fame when he uploaded his videos on Youtube. His content quality took the internet by storm as it gathered over 350,000 subscribers and 100M viewers on the popular video streaming site. As a result of this rapidly-growing popularity, Javi has become one of the world’s top interviewers for adult entertainment in the last three years. But due to Youtube’s community standards, Javi Mac had to emigrate his videos to his personal website,

Although Javi Mac has gathered enough traction in the entertainment world through his videos and adult content on, he never forgot about the scintillating feeling he had while writing and making music. Reminded by his first love, Javi began to work on some songs and redirected his path towards becoming a stellar musician in the entertainment business.

While it may seem that a change in his path entailed a step back from his successful career, Javi Mac never actually left his desire to perform and write songs. In fact, Javi’s disposition was ultimately rooted in music. With a grandfather who shared the stage with James Brown and a father who produced with Rick Rubin under Def Jam Records, music came naturally for Javi Mac. Driven to continue his trail, Javi shares snippets of his songs to the videos that he uploads on

Shifting from one career to another and being a success at it is a difficult path to traverse with. However, this redirection showed that Javi Mac is not a one-trick pony. Built with a flexible disposition, Javi Mac takes the reins of his music career with a catalog of unexplainable and wildly entertaining tracks and, at the same time, showcases a blend of deep groove R&B, Electro Pop, and 80s hip hop bounce.

At the core of every true artist lies countless talents hidden beneath the corners of one’s soul. And being a genuinely creative individual, Javi Mac continues to surprise people with masterful pieces that prove to create lasting impressions across the world.

To know more about Javi Mac, you may visit his website