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McIntosh Bros Productions Is Changing the Game of African-American Representation in Media With Freeli TV

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

McIntosh Bros Productions, composed of brothers Javier and Jabriel McIntosh, are taking on the world of mass media not only by capturing real moments or telling compelling stories, but more importantly, by changing the game of African-American representation through launching Freeli TV.

With works showcased at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Universal Studios Hollywood, 20th Century Fox, just to name a few, it’s no wonder that this production house is one to look forward to. Even more so, with their powerful move of creating Freeli TV, the world’s first free linear multi-channel streaming platform dedicated to Black entertainment and culture.

Brothers Javier and Jabriel McIntosh are both successful in their own right. After graduating, Javier McIntosh focused all of his efforts on video production. Within just a year, he became Director of Photography for one of Atlanta’s most successful photo marketing boutiques and would win Best Atlanta Indie Production Company in 2017. Over the past decade, he produced for brands such as Spotify, Sprite, and Kia Motors, just to name a few. Before joining forces with Jabriel McIntosh to create McIntosh Bros LLC, Javier was personally commissioned by Reebok, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Patti LaBelle, and even toured with Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development. 

Jabriel McIntosh, on the other hand, became a member of the creative team at Kontrol Magazine after graduating. During that time, Jabriel worked with Tamar Braxton, Sean Garrett, and Elle Varner, and many more. During that time, Jabriel would learn how to edit from his older brother Javier McIntosh. In no time, Jabriel would start winning film festivals and garnering awards for his editing skills. It was shortly after this time when Jabriel and Javier would join forces to create McIntosh Bros Productions. Jabriel found his strength in shooting and editing fast-paced films, commercials, and music videos. He has shot many concerts, including the likes of 2 Chainz, Trinidad James, A$AP Rocky, Allen Stone, and many more. Through these connections, he was asked to join Kendrick Lamar’s The Damn Tour as the lead cinematographer for Big Baby DRAM. After almost a year of touring and living out of state with the artists, Jabriel moved back home to Atlanta, Georgia, and started bringing quality clients to McIntosh Bros Productions.

Besides the two, McIntosh Bros Productions is composed of a highly creative team of individuals dedicated to capturing beautiful imagery with an unparalleled attention to detail. They are a small group of directors, cinematographers, and editors, who possess the knowledge of all things screen and camera in order to deliver a beautifully crafted concept and product to cherish for years to come.

Last July, McIntosh Bros Productions went beyond just that. They released Freeli TV, the world’s first free linear streaming app offering multiple channels with African-American focused TV series, music videos, movies, sports, and more. It’s free and already boasts over 50 channels of hyper-targeted content focused on an African-American audience. No matter the interest, genre, or affinity, Freeli TV has a channel for everyone. This is evident by the star-studded and diverse array of content featuring the most prominent African-American movie stars, tv stars, athletes, comedians, and social media influencers.

Indeed, McIntosh Bros Productions has a lot of stories to tell, but they are more than willing to help tell the story of their lineage, therefore, changing the game of African-American representation in the media.

To learn more about McIntosh Bros Productions, visit their website.