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MB Coffee Group Produces Quality Arabica Coffee for the World to Enjoy

When it comes to quality Arabica coffee, MB Coffee Group from Brazil remains the world’s top grower and exporter. In its 100th year this 2020, the company is raising the bar by exploring new possibilities and opportunities to bring the business forward to achieve even greater feats. Now that the quarantine restrictions are slowly easing up, the company is once again poised to conquer the coffee industry by connecting to more clients and retailers around the world. 

In Brazil, MB Coffee Group remains the leading company that distributes not only exceptional Arabica coffee but also soybeans and sugarcane. With over 25,000 acres or 10,000 hectares of highly fertile and productive farmlands, the company maintains more than 300 employees to ensure that only the best products are made available to clients from all over the world. As it celebrates its 100th year, CEO Paulo Fiod de Barros welcomes the homecoming of his eldest child Fernanda Maretto de Barros Gabbert. Fernanda is being groomed to take over running the family business and take the company to the next level. 

“It’s a lineage of amazing coffee growers. We have many other farms and businesses, but this one is the closest one to our hearts,” shares Paulo Fiod de Barros. “At my age, the only thing I want is to pass this one to my children and grandchildren,” he adds.

While Fernanda was a lawyer working for The World Bank while living in Washington, D.C., she also established a business with her husband Gunther called MB Coffee, an affiliate of MB Coffee Group. Some of its current and potential clients include big names such as Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods, and Sam’s Club, to name a few.

“Everyone talks about direct trade. We are as direct as it gets. We are able to provide superb quality coffee at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the beans we sell are roasted. We know what bean it is, where it comes from, and what products were used to grow it. We love other roasters and exporters, but we differentiate ourselves with quality. We strive to produce the best product at a reasonable price for people around the world to try exceptional Arabica coffee. Our goal is to constantly challenge ourselves to give the best to our customers,” shares Fernanda Maretto de Barros Gabbert. 

Transitioning to return to Brazil with her family in tow is exciting for Fernanda, even as she is tasked to continue the family legacy. Bringing MB Coffee Group to the next level will not only be challenging but also a test of her leadership skills. Confident that she has her father’s support and the whole family’s approval to do whatever it takes to sustain the legacy, Fernanda is poised to make the company the world’s largest provider of quality Arabica coffee.

Aside from MB Coffee Group, the company also created Cafe MB in 2005, an exclusive brand specially created to produce premium Arabica coffee that includes Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Red Catuaí. Its products are duly certified by AMCS, UTZ, and Rainforest Alliance. 

With the world open to receiving their high-quality exports and with quarantine restrictions slowly relaxing, MB Coffee Group is going to take the world by storm once again and penetrate every coffee lover’s home very soon. With new leadership coming on board, retailers and coffee lovers can expect more innovative products to be available very soon.

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