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Matt Corman of “Make It Happen” Releases Musical Masterpieces Every Friday

A sold-out concert alongside chart-topping rap artist Fetty Wap in 2017 marked Matt Corman’s musical career. From that experience, several opportunities from the music industry and the community came knocking on his door. Today, he is focused on releasing tracks that keep his supporters hooked every Friday.

Matt Corman entered the music scene in 2014 straight out of his college dorm. He first released his debut mixtape “Bars Over Bass,” which was followed by “Speak First” in 2015. He started performing live and even had the opportunity to tour and sit as the supporting act for the famous artist Post Malone when White Iverson first came out. He has also worked alongside Fetty Wap and Cam Meekins, among many others.

Around 2016, Matt Corman teamed up with Nicco Catalano, also known as Neek, who helped the rising artist craft his sound. During winter of that year, he opened up for Sammy Adams in front of a sold-out crowd at Boston’s House of Blues. 

Matt Corman is the first-ever alumni of Southern New Hampshire University to ever perform at a significant school event, the Major Homecoming Concert. In 2018, he released a project entitled Whiteboards & Windows, which led him to establish his label “Make It Happen (MIH) Universal.” As soon as the label became operational, the rising musician hopped on tour with a famous personality, Aaron Carter. 

Tattooed on his arm are the words “Make It Happen,” representing more than his music label. “My Make It Happen brand is everything I live for. I didn’t come from money. I never had connections to the industry. Every problem I ran into, and there were many, I had to figure out a way to make it happen, even when I didn’t have the resources to do so,” explains the promising rap artist Matt Corman.

Today, his music has amassed more than 20 million streams independently across different platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. The numbers continue to be on the rise as well. Indeed, Matt Corman is slowly but surely making himself a household name in the independent hip-hop music scene as he increases his presence on social media and in the music arena, in general.

Popular YouTubers such as NELK and FaZe Rug have even used his music on their platforms. This 2020, Matt Corman has committed to releasing music every Friday for the rest of the year and even in 2021. He has also made a bold decision to remain as an independent artist despite serious talks with several powerhouse music labels back in November 2019. “Being independent, I am the machine that drives my business forward. I have complete ownership of my masters, distribution, publishing and brand direction,” he explains.

Matt Corman takes pride in the fact that he built his brand without help from anyone else. He writes, records, engineers, and produces his music all on his own. He was also the one who made his sold-out national shows and tours happen. With all these in mind, he is confident that he can reach the top as an independent artist. 

Matt Corman has his heart set out on making music that will top the billboards. He also hopes to mentor fellow artists and creatives in creating and launching their brands. He wants to make it possible for artists to shine in the music industry, even without insider connections. Ultimately, he wants to “make it happen.”

To know more about Matt Corman, you may reach out to him through his official website.