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Marcus Barney: Teaches Financial Literacy with Educational Resources for Entrepreneurs

A natural-born businessman, Marcus Barney learned early on that many entrepreneurs are not equipped with the proper tools or financial resources that they need to succeed. Even resources on financial literacy were hard to come by. To remedy this, he innovatively created dozens of strategies to obtain funding in easy and accessible ways. Financial strategist Marcus Barney, who is also known as HIM500, has mastered the personal finance space catered to entrepreneurs. He has made his strategies available for everyone through his Recession Proof Mentorship Program, in which he also offers financial literacy courses.

Marcus Barney has been lucky enough in his life to be able to skip the line most of the time to ensure that he benefits and evolves from any opportunity that comes his way. It is his mission in life to educate all his fellow entrepreneurs on how to do the same.

Statistics show that close to 60% of small businesses fail within the first five years and that 82% of these are due to finances. Fortunately, Recession-Proof Financial Literacy Mentorship helped over 100 entrepreneurs fund businesses from their own wallet last year, creatively obtaining over $30 million in startup capital in total.

Through the mentorship program, Marcus Barney aims to educate entrepreneurs and aspirants on effective strategies that will assist in reaching one’s ultimate financial goals. His program goes over how to operate a small business on one’s own terms instead of allowing others to control how one operates their business.

Marcus’s journey to becoming who he is today has not been easy. He became an entrepreneur at the age of 16. Through the years, he discovered all the investment opportunities that aren’t so visible to those who are only starting out. His hustler’s ambition and strong work ethic allowed him to venture within various business sectors. At age 23, Marcus owned a Boost Mobile store. Soon after, he embarked on a journey within real estate, which eventually led him into mastering credit and building financial strategy over the years.

Marcus Barney believes that financial literacy is an area of life that too many people are oblivious about. He observed that not many were teaching financial stability and wealth in his communities. “Wake up and kill something,” are the words he chooses to motivate others to get up and work. He wants to enlighten others on the teeming opportunities there are for those who want to get ahead: money to be made, investments to gain to build financial freedom, and a legacy to be established—and he has all the proper tools and knowledge to guide anyone to it.

As a financial expert, Marcus Barney offers unique financial and credit strategies that cannot be found on Google. Among numerous invaluable tactics, he is also able to instruct those seeking financial guidance on how to turn their credit into cash, liabilities into assets, and how to liquidate their credit without the additional fees. Marcus has converted basic life experiences into tools that are essential to those experiencing a financial crisis and those seeking to capitalize on their business.

What separates him from other financial strategists is his genuine motivation to see those who have asked for his guidance thrive. “I provide continuous resources to my clients to aid them along the way and present them with investment and business opportunities that will help them build their legacies,” he said.

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