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Marco Robinson Balances His Investment in Crypto and Real Estate

Access to information is as important as the information itself. In this age and time, understanding trends and what works is a major plus for anyone looking to make any serious headway as an investor or entrepreneur. Sir Marco Robinson is one serial investor, and he believes he has hacked the investment space thanks to his continued success. With one of the leading coaching platforms, he provides tips and quips to investors who are lost on where to put their money. 

Despite a torrid start which has seen him try his hands on several ventures, Sir Marco Robinson today is a world-famous investor who has created several successful projects. He is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Prime Time TV Star, Philanthropist, Bestselling Author. In addition to being a winner of the iProperty People’s Choice Awards Best Real Estate Company, Marco is a world-renowned Property Investor and Restaurateur. Above all, he knows how to make money work better than anyone in his industry. 

In addition, Marco’s multiplicity of venture has seen him dabble into entertainment, particularly filmmaking and his greatest success thus far came in his first feature film, “Legacy of Lies” which debuted #2 on Netflix in the United States having been released on October 15th, 2021.

Although Marco arrived late in the real estate scene (aged 40), he became relatively successful. In 2009, Marco discovered properties were very cheap in the US and began to study the market and cycles. Following painstaking research and understanding of the market, he wrote a book about property price cycles and the reasons for the alternating prices. He developed an algorithm, and the project became an instant success, becoming an Amazon bestseller as it changed the way investors and major players perceived and operated in the real estate scene. 

By the time Marco was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2015, he knew it was a game-changer, particularly Bitcoin, “I saw it as a real threat to the banking system which I liked very much, and after some detailed research discovered it was a genuine reaction, I felt, to the US subprime crisis which made 40 million people homeless. I loved the security of it, and especially its decentralized structure…that it could not be shut down and the founder very cleverly could not be identified.”

Marco describes Bitcoin as the safest currency in the world. “It has never been hacked. Neither has Ethereum.” He pointed out decentralization as the cryptocurrency’s greatest selling point, as it has no founder, no regulation, no company, no office, and no assets. Yet it is the best performing asset of all time, increasing 800,000% in ten years. Even though Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $65,000 in value in 2021, Marco believes better coins are being developed daily, coins that the average person on the street could invest in, learn to trade, and profit from. 

Marco is the founder of FREEDOMX, a social impact program where victims of homelessness are rewarded on a merit-based philosophy. Marco is a proponent of conditional altruism in his commitment to giving back to society. Anyone seeking help, especially in business, must be trained and certified, thus lowering the risk and creating a new economy for people to thrive in.

Learn more about Sir Marco Robinson and his understanding of the crypto and real estate space via his website

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