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Make Way for the Wolves: The Noble Wolf Pack Enters Ethereum Blockchain

Wolves are known to be fearless, tenacious, and bold even in the face of adversities. The Noble Wolf Pack aims to introduce those traits into the NFT landscape and prove that the industry is yet to see the strongest pack yet. Composed of 10,000 exclusive pieces of art, the NFT collection aims to set new records on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Noble Wolf Pack is created by talented and seasoned digital artists who have produced over 200 hand-drawn traits for each wolf. Furthermore, taking the concept of interactive digital assets to the next level, each NFT comes with its own distinct benefits and utilities. Holders will also be able to secure creative and commercial rights to their respective tokens and enjoy many exclusive perks for being included in the Noble Wolf Pack community. 

In addition, the collection will include a rare group of NFTs called the Ultima Wolves. Not every collector will be given a chance to get their hands on the rare tokens as they will only be minted by luck or bought through the secondary market. Because of its exclusivity, collectors are getting extremely eager to grab the Ultima Wolves for themselves as such tokens will be playing an integral role in the pack’s metaverse. 

As the backstory of the collection goes, the Noble Wolf Pack is divided into two factions. When an asteroid hit the world of the animals, where the carnivores and herbivores were co-existing harmonically, the impact killed most of the wolf species, leaving only 10,000 in the pack, which now exists as NFTs. The tragic incident caused the wolves to obtain superpowers. While many remained noble, the other half of the pack became greedy with power and aimed to rule the entire animal kingdom for themselves. Led by the Ultima Wolves, the factions battle as the noble strives to protect all animals in its world. 

There will only be a total of 10 Ultima Wolves, most of whom were hit severely and affected by the asteroid, therefore making them more powerful than the rest. Out of the group, seven succumbed to their greed for power, while only three bowed to protect the animal world. Ultima Wolves owners will be rewarded with a bonus of 1 ETH. 

Furthermore, throughout its roadmap, the founders have laid out what holders will be able to enjoy, such as exclusive merch, 3D models for the metaverse, a free companion NFT, and giveaways like exclusive Funko Pops characters. The founders will also give away a Tesla as a secret giveaway. The collection will also create a $30,000 community grant fund to finance the community’s creations and development. On top of that, 2.5% of the OpenSea fees will also go into the community grant. At 90% sellout, the founders will release a manga telling the story of the pack more vividly for its holders and audiences. 

The Noble Wolf Pack also aims to help struggling individuals worldwide by donating $30,000 of its earnings to a reputable charity that will be handpicked by the community. 

The Noble Wolf Pack will be available for pre-sale on December 19 and public sale on December 20 at 0.08 ETH.

Learn more about the Noble Wolf Pack NFT collection on its website and Discord server.

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