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Luxe VVS Jewelers Takes Custom Diamond Jewelry to a Whole Other Level

Diamond jewelry tells a story of luxury, flashy lifestyles, and oftentimes wealth. Similar to expensive cars or million-dollar homes, having diamond jewelry is considered a testament to one’s “balling” status in society, where one is able to show how financially well off one is in comparison to others, especially in the culture of hip-hop and the world of social media. However, in today’s day and age, having exclusive or custom-designed fashion is just as important as the expensive price tag. 

Luxe VVS Jewelers provides the best of both worlds. Their diamonds are all top-notch, excellent-cut, VVS quality diamonds, the highest diamond clarity and cuts available, and their detailed craftsmanship adds an element of artistry that is sending shockwaves throughout the hip-hop and jewelry industries. 

There’s no doubt about it: custom-designed jewelry is the wave. Celebrities and clients alike are always seeking the newest, most creative designs, while incorporating the highest quality diamonds to maximize the bling. It stands out, is more eye-catching, and in the world of social media, it definitely creates a bigger buzz. That is what makes Luxe VVS Jewelers special. Their obsessive attention to detail and strong inspirations gathered from all the different styles and subgenres within hip-hop are the reasons why they are taking custom jewelry to a whole other level. Furthermore, the personalization of each piece, whether it be a company logo, record label name, or any symbolic piece, customers on a nationwide level are taking notice of this company.

The process begins with a one-on-one phone consultation where their jewelry specialists discuss design ideas while maximizing each client’s budget and finances. The jewelry company’s dedicated designers will then masterfully craft a jewelry piece tailored to the client’s tastes and requirements. The design will be outfitted using digital 3D models and moldings, which will be subjected to the client’s approval. To ensure each detail is perfectly executed, Luxe VVS Jewelers has an expert quality assurance team specifically dedicated to inspect the quality and authenticity of the finished piece. Once the piece is carefully inspected and then appraised, they provide free nationwide shipping and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Luxe VVS Jewelers carries with it an extensive list of satisfied clients who can vouch for the company’s brilliant pieces and service. As a trusted jewelry company specializing in a referral-heavy niche, Luxe VVS Jewelers has grown at a record-rate , attracting multiple music chart-toppers and celebrities in a short period of time. The jewelry company has collaborated on authentic and high-quality diamond pieces for high-caliber hip-hop artists such as NLE Choppa, and have customers from Los Angeles all the way to New York. However, despite doing work for famous celebrities, the company has publicly stated on multiple occasions that they will always be focused on making diamond jewelry affordable to the general public. Making affordable celebrity-quality jewelry is not only its company mission, but their specialty.

The jewelry company’s guaranteed level of client satisfaction and brilliant custom work have made it a household name in the United States. Furthering their reputation in the business, Luxe VVS Jewelers continues to thrive, while creating personal and unique diamond jewelry pieces that are made to last a lifetime.

Learn more about how Luxe VVS Jewelers designs and creates its custom jewelry. Check out Luxe VVS Jewelers’ latest work by visiting their official website and Instagram.

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