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Lions Not Sheep Moves Its Existing Avatars to Web3 to Sync Globally

Lions Not Sheep non-fungible token (NFT) co-founders Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson recently revealed they are introducing a super rare collection featuring FJB attributes within their existing collection in the metaverse. Being the first token community to introduce an FJB collection, the business partners are making a lasting mark within the blockchain, which they believe is necessary to secure future generations. 

In a recent interview, Greg revealed that the token community is making a bold move by migrating to Web3. “What we’ve been doing is taking our existing, like avatar existing tribe, our people that already connect with us and move it to Web3 so that we can sync globally with people that think and feel like us,” he explained. 

Due to its controversial nature, the FJB attributes may strike many digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and investors as too bold for their taste. But Sean and Greg believe there is no better time than today to make a firm stand on preserving what the conservatives intend to protect – a genuine free community of Americans. Having successfully grown its following since 2014, Sean’s Lions Not Sheep apparel business has always drawn a lot of attention for its powerful statement shirts. Sean and Greg believe the time has come to make a bold stand.

“Those that lead the NFT space today will help craft what our children and grandchildren are exposed to over the next 20-plus years. We refuse to leave our future up to chance, or even worse, allow big techs to have the only voice,” the business partners pointed out. “Right now, it’s urgent, and we need to band together more than ever,” Sean cleared. 

The soon-to-be-available FJB attributes will feature avatars wearing shirts with FJB print. Some characters will also be seen either holding the American flag, the Declaration of Independence, or a gun. The likelihood that many people within the metaverse will take offense over the FJB traits does not bother Sean and Greg at all. After all, freedom of speech and expression is strongly supported within their community. 

As part of their commitment to upholding freedom in its truest form, Lions Not Sheep will be hosting the Freeman World’s Fair, an in-person grand event that will also be streamed live within the metaverse. The event will highlight freedom-based activities, including a music festival, gun show, boat show, car show, and motorcycle show, among others. In addition, the token community will be featuring collaborations with big brand names and will invite phenomenal speakers expected to inspire attendees. 

The two-day event is expected to attract the right kind of people, the number of which is anything the metaverse has ever seen before. Sean and Greg look forward to gathering all of their supporters. Lions Not Sheep token owners will also get to enjoy exclusive perks during the event, allowing them to use their NFT as an entrance ticket for the next three years. 

Poised to revolutionize the metaverse through its extraordinary events and powerful advocacies, Sean and Greg are sure to shake things up in the coming weeks. Those who see the potential of what this power duo is doing ought to secure their tokens as early as now.