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Lexi Hill Shares Some Tips on How to Succeed in the Fields of Advertising and Marketing

At the heart of every successful venture is an entrepreneur clothed with a well-nurtured set of skills coupled with an unwavering determination to further one’s enterprise. To put it simply, success in the realms of business lies with those whose disposition in life is to continuously persevere.

And as someone who knows the actual value of tenacity, Lexi Hill shares that the first step towards success in the business is to equip oneself with the needed competencies that one’s chosen industry demands. Now, as she zeroes in towards the peak of her uphill battles in refining herself, she begins to apply what she had mustered all these years by starting to move on to the next phase of her journey towards victory – with the inception of Twenty2 Media.

Born and bred with a zeal for advertising and marketing, Lexi Hill has spent half of her life trying to fit herself in the molds of the trade. After obtaining a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of South Carolina in 2018, Lexi thought that finishing college was not enough to facilitate her journey towards becoming a business tycoon. So Lexi moved to Philadelphia to further her education that subsequently enhanced her capabilities in the industry.

As Lexi continued to expand her knowledge in the theories behind business management and marketing, she also endeavored to put her know-how into practice. So Lexi began shaping her career. Because of the prowess that Lexi honed overtime, she successfully handled the strategic curation of all content media and digital partnerships of two Philadelphia-based companies – a regional law firm, and its creative agency that offers full service.

With Lexi’s proven competence in her desired craft, she made the progressive decision to start materializing her goals by creating Twenty2 Media.

Twenty2 Media is a full-service digital consulting agency that strategically creates and produces brand identities that embody the vision and mission of each client’s enterprise. Twenty2 Media does not only provide results at the end of the project but also takes revolutionary steps in the process by working with the client from the get-go. Moreover, the company’s far-reaching approach involves becoming an extension to the client’s brand and enterprise through working closely with the latter’s team to advise and implement operations while providing creative solutions.

Proving worthy of its stellar reputation in advertising and marketing, Twenty2 Media boasts of colors that exude their ability to address the issue between the clients’ seemingly insufficient branding strategies and the complicated demands of their consumers. The agency seeks to bridge the gap with the use of various creative methods that Twenty2 Media specializes in. Aside from improving their clientele’s marketing strategies, Twenty2 Media also facilitates businesses through ultramodern techniques like graphic design, illustrations, photography, videography, and podcast production services.

Without a doubt, Twenty2 Media’s avant-garde approach to digital advertising, coupled with Lexi’s adroitness, has naturally attracted the success of the venture. As it continues to leave traces of its prowess in the industry, Lexi hopes to inspire others to embrace the idea of perseverance in the pursuit of victory.

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