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Latest NFT Project, KRebels Combine Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology and Art to Raise Awareness About Endangered Koalas

The brilliant innovation of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) is here to stay. The unique digital asset provides a global platform for creators to cash in on their authentic artworks and create a community of like-minded individuals in the Metaverse while working towards a common goal. In fact, several charitable worldwide causes have been funded by the NFT projects, and the most recent NFT project working towards a charitable cause is KRebels. This avant-garde project combines blockchain technology and art while raising awareness about the endangered status of Australian Koalas.

The Koala Rebels (KRebels) story began in 2099 when their main food source, the eucalyptus leaves, disappeared from the earth’s surface. Hungry and faced with the threat of extinction, the Koalas are very angry. However, it is now the survival of the fittest, and the Koalas, with their genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits, formed the Koala Rebels movement. With their backs pushed against the wall, with nothing to lose and all to gain, humankind better watch out for the KRebels as they will stop at nothing to survive.

Although the story is fictitious, it is inspired by real-life events of humankind’s destruction of animal habitats, a significant contributor to the rapid decline of the species. As part of the KRebels project, the in-house artist has created 9,999 wholly original and unique Koala based NFT collectibles that will incentivize more engagement in the community, ultimately raising more awareness and donations to help save the koalas from extinction.

Each Koala-inspired token has unique attributes with differentiating features based on randomly generated digital characters, which allow each holder of these NFTs to be assured that there is no similar copy in the entire ecosystem. These properties are an added value in the final price of each collection within KRebels.

In addition to creating awareness in a crypto community that loves digital art, the KRebels NFT token goal has an extensive roadmap to help holders bring the Koalas home to the Metaverse forest in the decentralized virtual spaces. Collectors will be able to participate in private events, educational activities, and other interactive and fun games where they have the opportunity to play and earn tokens. 

The first step of the roadmap entails minting a KRebel token. This will give the holder a solid footing in the community to help guide the project’s direction. After minting, collectors will be able to interact with their Koala NFTs in the Metaverse like a video game. 

At the end of a successful first project, the team behind KRebels is already working towards releasing a new collection. Also, the brilliant team behind KRebel digital token has pledged to give a percentage of their proceeds to projects focused on preserving the koalas and give back a percentage of the royalty fees to the community (through contests, monthly rewards, and more.

Learn more about KRebels, by visiting its official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also participate in community discussions by joining its  Discord server.